The Boxscore Geeks Show: Moana vs. Frozen

We break down: the second round of the playoffs, the future of NBA media, Lonzo Ball's shoe deal, my Kobe hate, and Moana vs. Frozen.



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Show Notes

We talk the NBA Playoffs. Tune in for some highlights including:

  • Playoff LeBron James is sick. Playing over 40 minutes a game while the rest of the East plays regular season rotations has been the difference.
  • We want to see Houston vs. Golden State, and Brian is afraid of the Spurs (despite their iffy play outside of Kawhi). Of course, the Spurs game back from a ten point deficit (as of our recording) to win in OT thanks to ... Manu Ginobili? If Kawhi is hurt though, it may not mean much
  • The Jazz with George Hill weren't a match for the Warriors. Without him, it wasn't even close. If they lose this year, it will be a colossal meltdown.
  • Celtics vs. the Wizards just helps reinforce how bad the top of the East was this year. Also, neither team has a star at LeBron's level for the conference finals.

We talk Patrick's article about Tyler Cowen's mis-take on the problem with NBA media. We also discuss a fun conversation between Sam and Arturo on Twitter about how the most current NBA CBA has incorrect assumptions about how much revenue players can make from their contract vs. sponsorships, etc.

We talk Lonzo Ball and LaVar Ball's custom shoes. I recommend checking out ESPN's 30 for 30: Broke about many of the problems at play here. My take: LaVar is essentially the NCAA personified.

I've had plenty of Kobe shade in my blogging career. A while back I said he wasn't a top 20 all-time player. This week I noted he's never been top five in the NBA.

Another "hot take" I have on this week's show - Moana is a better movie than Frozen! I don't disagree "Let It Go" is a better song, but I'll even say it fits in less well than any of the songs in Moana.