The Boxscore Geeks Show: Klay Thompson and the Hot Hand

We talk a lot of stuff, but somehow manage to connect Klay Thompson and the hot hand with movie grosses and Captain Marvel. Check it out!



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Video Show

Note, YouTube has a weird bug and hasn't shown our episodes the last two weeks. So that's fun. Anyway, I'll try and remember to do show notes so it's not a problem if you forget.

We talk:

  • How the NBA should copy baseball's award structures. Shout out to iceman for the suggestion!
  • About a major college pay scandal that only marginally involves the NCAA.
  • How Giannis is cementing his MVP status and if the Bucks can win it all.
  • How the Clippers did fine in the Tobias Harris trade and will be a playoff threat?
  • How the Warriors are fine, they're fine, ok?
  • How the NBA might have some biased refs, and how that might be completely allowed.
  • Some conspiracy theories about how LeBron and the Pelicans "last second breakdowns" might have been planned.
  • We talk a great Todd Whitehead article on the Hot Hand and Klay Thompson. Spoiler alert, Dre didn't realize it had a second-half past an ad, so his opinion changes halfway through the show. Give it a full listen. We also relate that to movie grosses, Captain Marvel, and a weird argument Dre got into with the creator of Deadpool! Tune in!