The Boxscore Geeks Show: It Can't Stay Like This, Right?

We're back to discuss the first few weeks of the NBA season and some politics!



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Show Notes

The Top 10 Boxscores of the Week

We discuss the #BSGTop10, a weekly list I do on the top ten boxscores of the week.

We nickname commenter Art: "The Ice Dagger," as he regularly puts suggestions in the comments that are a dagger to my heart, as I agree I should have included them. See here.

We discuss the Steph Curry thirteen threes record game. We also note the stupidity of the many narratives following the form: "Curry going 0 for ten the game before meant I KNEW he was gonna ..."

Chris Paul and the Amazing Clippers

Chris Paul's performance is absurd! (At least as of this writing)

We do talk what I am calling: "Remember the Linsanity." Players go on streaks in sports. Brian mentions a Radiolab podcast on randomness and probability that applies.

The MVP race list doesn't have Chris Paul on it, which means it's a garbage list, sorry.

The Hawks

We discuss how the Atlanta Hawks, as of this recording, are the second best team in the NBA. Dwight Howard is looking great. Thabo and Muscala are also going off.

The Hawks lack at point guard. We are still baffled by the Jeff Teague/George Hill trade that seemed to only be good for the Utah Jazz.

Around the League

Brian brings up that the next CBA is set to be resolved quickly. Shockingly the players look to still "lose" but lose by less than normal. So good, I guess?

The NBA may update their domestic violence policy. Hopefully for the better, but as Brian notes: "we'll believe it when we see it."

The NBA is set to shorten the preseason. I initially blow this off as boring, but if it reduces the number of back to backs in the NBA, it could help with injuries, etc. So, good news!

OKC started hot and gave big contracts to Steven Adams and Victor Oladipo. They've simmered since. We're not worried, but do think Oladipo was way overpaid.

The Wolves extend Gorgui Dieng. It's fine; it's fine.


Yes, we talk politics. Just tune in if you want to hear.