The Boxscore Geeks Show: Hey Man, Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

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Patrick and Brian are back to discuss the recent position adjustment on, why was the change made and why do we even need position adjustments to evaluate player production in the first place?



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This Week's Poll

Show Notes

Poker or Egaming?

Our poll last week was about if ESPN and eGaming were a match. Patrick seems to think, at least compared to poker, that DOTA 2 is more of a "sport."

Position Fixes

Patrick recently fixed a bug on the position adjustment for the numbers on the site.

The simple reality is that there are distinctly different positions and responsibilities in the NBA. We've talked about this a lot over the years. And, we'll apparently keep talking about it for a while. Patrick has a good breakdown, though, tune in!

The Wall of Boredom

It's the part of the show where we talk the NBA offseason using ESPN's transaction page.

The Houston Rockets' D-League affiliate just signed a coach that realizes how good the three-point line is. Will this help the Rockets get even better at "Moreyball"?

Some day a team in the NBA is going to try taking over fifty threes a game. And I want to see what happens.

-Patrick Minton

The Mavs signed JaVale McGee, which Patrick doesn't see as a bad thing. Although it does lead to a good question about the importance of goaltending on defense.

Scott Walker and Arenas

You can not claim to be fiscally responsible and be in favor of publicly funded stadiums. Full stop.

Shout Outs

Patrick shouts out Flip Saunders, who revealed he had Hodgkin's lymphoma last week. For as much trash as we talk, it's only basketball. Cancer sucks, and we hope Flip a successful fight and full recovery.

Brian shouts out the Lakers for doing a big fourteen player guard tryout. Arturo had a template called "Build me a Winner" back in the day, which the Lakers may have finally gotten around to reading.

Brian shouts of Clinton Loomis, captain of team Fear. As an Egamer, he's having an issue with injuries and hoping to get surgery. Basically, he gets our respect as a top tier athlete.