The Boxscore Geeks Show: Guards! Guards! Guards!

Dre(@nerdnumbers) and Arturo(@arturogalletti) are back to talk the wackiness of free agency.

As always, thanks to our amazing producer Brian Foster (@boxscorebrian)!

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The Heat's Free Agency

LeBron is looking to get a short term max. Wade is looking for forty million over four years. Bosh is looking for eighty million over eight. In my opinion this makes no sense for Wade and Bosh to leave so much on the table.

In fact, Arturo's "arguments" seem to back this. With a new TV deal coming and a possible new CBA, being signed to a long term deal for less money seems like bad business. Especially if your earning potential is dropping.

Jason Kidd's "Mutiny"

Jason Kidd may actually know how to coach. And his front office move suggestions looked solid. Of course, had he stayed in Brooklyn, he'd have faired like many coaches do. Basically, we approve this move. And personally, I find "loyalty" an interesting concept in the NBA to be honest.

Guards! Guards! Guards!

The opening of free agency was a lovefest to guards. (It hasn't improved since we recorded) 

Ouch! Of course, one team got it right, as Kevin Pelton attests:

We wax poetic about the Spurs in this segment, so tune in if you want to hear more.

We get a bit off topic, but end up adding a "bet" between Arturo and Dre. To keep you in the loop:

  • If the Nuggets trade for Kevin Love, Dre has to wear an Allen Iverson jersey (Denver Nuggets) on every Boxscore Geeks podcast this year.
  • If Melo goes to the Rockets AND plays above 0.200 WP48 (at Small Forward) then Dre will have to buy and wear a Melo jersey (Houston Rockets) on the podcast.

Shout Outs

E.J. Fischer(@glorioushubris) gets another shout out. He has a bet for charity going with Arturo. It's on minutes played for Kyle Anderson. Check out the details at his site.

Seth Burn(@SethBurn) has been modeling Arturo and 538's predictions on the World Cup, so of course he gets a shout out!

Tim Howard, the new Secretary of Defense, also earns a shout out.

My shoutout goes to Benjamin Durham for his great point about "shot creation":

Thanks for listening, and we'll see you next week!