The Boxscore Geeks Show: God of Gamblers

The podcast is back! We have a fire hose discussion of all stuff going on in the NBA.



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Video Show

Show Notes

Tune in to hear us discuss a TON of stuff including:

Remember the Linsanity - Don't Overreact to small sample sizes. Every single player/team currently counts.

Giannis for MVP?

Andre Drummond's free throws!

Is it time for the Kenneth Faried to leave the Nuggets?

Is Joel Embiid still a "Perfect PER Player"?

Why DeMarcus Cousins probably isn't going to change, but there's always Zach Randolph, if you want a "counter-argument." Our timing on this point isn't great, but this isn't the first great stretch we've seen out of Cousins.

Of course, we talk the right and wrong way to play "small ball" (also known as having good players vs. not)

Our thoughts on if Jordan Bell "disrespected the game" by playing hard in a blowout.

Finally, Brian has a convoluted movie metaphor to what the NBA is: