The Boxscore Geeks Show: Eric Bledsoe and Sharp Lines

We're back to talk the Rockets, Zion Williamson, and to revisit one of our favorite Knicks stories.



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Video Show

This show is title "Sharp Lines" because I followed up on a threat I made a few seasons ago and have started using more chess metaphors in the show. In chess, a "sharp line" means you play a move or set of moves that require you playing close to perfectly. There are moves in the NBA that require coaches and GMs not making any mistakes, and we notice many teams aren't good at playing "sharp lines."  Enjoy!

We talk:

  • An amazing observation from commenter westchesterbruin - The Knicks have a knack for acquiring the NBA's Least Valuable Player.
  • Andrew Bogut signing with the Warriors and why it's an odd method of player acquisition.
  • Eric Bledsoe's completely reasonable contract.
  • Maybe the zone defense is good? Dre likes it because of confirmation bias.
  • Dre poses two post ideas to Brian:
    • The Lakers woes aren't Bron's fault. A point Andrew Sutton agrees with.
    • How baseball and basketball are different, looking at Manny Machado and Bryce Harper's recent paydays.

Tune in!