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The Boxscore Geeks Show: D-Fence!

All the geeks are back to discuss resting players, overrated/underrated MVP candidates, and defense!



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Show Notes

We talk about teams resting their players (ala the Spurs/Warriors a few days ago) and what the league can and should do about it.

We also talk about Kawhi/Westbrook and how weird it is to see our views flip from the mainstream in a few short seasons. Maybe we just like disagreeing?

We discuss defense. Some background, a few years back at Sloan, Kirk Goldsberry released some charts that were highly critical of David Lee's defense. We talked how some of that might have been shaky in logic. Years later both Kirk and David Lee are on the Spurs. The Spurs still lead the NBA in defense, and David Lee is playing significant minutes. In short, we return to a classic point - grading individual defense is difficult and often a team's defense well relies on a team effort!

We didn't do anything for March Madness this year. Here's a link to American Numbers ratings! Full disclosure, I did no bracket this year and don't even know when things start. I think it's already too later. Anyway ... good luck with your brackets?