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We talk the All-Star game and the 2016 NBA trade deadline.



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Show Notes

The Magic's mascot is called: "Stuff the Magic Dragon." I argue mine: "Stupid, crazy-looking green thing." is better.

We're big fans of Aaron Gordon around here. Brian would have had him in the All-Star game legitimately.

We think this deserved to win the dunk contest.

I've argued in past that the Dunk Contest can't compete with YouTube. I bring up one of my favorite Lawson dunks.

Desmond Mason argues Lavine put up a more difficult dunk than Gordon.

Steve Goldstein put up a post saying Gordon's dunk would have earned a bronze medal.

Reddit sadly disagreed.

We talk Chris Paul's impressive assist numbers in the All-Star game.

In 2008-2009, Chris Paul's raw productivity made him look like a center!

We compare Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, and Steve Nash's careers. You can compare historical players careers in the comparison engine; you just have to make sure you click compare with the career year selected first.

We discuss the Courtney Lee trade. I think it's excellent for Charlotte and confusing for Memphis.

We discuss the Tobias Harris trade for Ersan Ilyasova and Brandon Jennings. My initial thoughts are that Orlando won this trade.

I give a rant about why it's irrational for teams to think tanking to get a star in the lottery makes sense while thinking being a low seed in the playoffs is futile.

The leaked Nets financials showed that teams can make a million plus for playoff games. It's worth noting this was years ago. Playoff teams make money, and winning teams are more likely to sell tickets. In short, I'm always for aiming for the playoffs, even as the eighth seed.

We agree with Zach Lowe's take: It'll be hard to find a good "trade fit" for Dwight Howard.

One of my favorite trade rumors was the ludicrous offer the Clippers gave the Nuggets. If true, it's a tad funny.

We mention how the upcoming CBA makes players like Archie Goodwin have a different value. Instead of being a good value chip, everyone is just waiting to spend money.

Shout Outs

I shout out the Ladies League (, a fantastic new website of women's sports content written by a great team of female bloggers.

I shout out Adam Blampied (@AdamTheBlampied) of What Culture for his fantastic "how to book Wrestlemania 32" videos.

Brian shouts out this amazing tweet.

Brian shouts out a great Deadspin article about how the All-Star game should have a one on one contest.

Brian shouts out a Reddit thread on how you could trade the entire 76ers squad for Kobe Bryant. Who says no?