The Boxscore Geeks Show: All the Stars!

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This week's show is all about that All-Star game!



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Do you side with Patrick's fan-side or his coach-side?

Show Notes

Hey everyone, sorry but the real world got in the way of getting the exhaustive notes you're used to. No worries, they'll return! Anyway, enjoy the show, and here are some quick notes.

Brian was at the game to witness Klay's historic game. No, seriously, it was amazing. Jeremy Britton shows us how much.

Another random note. Patrick Minton said he once scored 37 points in a full game in a German League game. He can't fathom Klay's single quarter.

We talk more about star players and how we should judge player performances.

We weren't too angry at the East's All-Stars. The West though? We threw out 60% of that roster. Tune in tomorrow to see Patrick's take on who he'd take instead. Or, you can just listen to find out!

Patrick compares Blake Griffin to Vince Carter, which is more apt than he realizes.

The East has a billion guards that deserve to be All-Stars. Seriously, take all the guards!

Shout Outs

The WWE pulled one of our older Boxscore Geek's shows because Brian will add wrestling clips when I talk wrestling. Thanks, WWE!

Nate Jones, a great follow on Twitter, for this gem:

JBrett, who is an awesome commenter and has been handing out some great truth-bombs lately.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss for his great tweets on Klay.

Patrick also gives props to Steve Kerr for his coaching.

Brian shouts out Shawn Marion, who in a just world would be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Brian shouts out David Lee, who just cracked 10,000 points. He did so shooting 57.6% true shooting. So we like that!

Finally, Brian shouts out Discnerd, who pointed out in the comments that maybe it's just a matter of counting points in 2s and 3s that messes with people's perceptions.