The Boxscore Geeks Show: A Glorious Mustache

Patrick and Brian are back to discuss an update to the Boxscore Geeks' Vegas portfolio, the DeMar DeRozan hype, and why Trump's Infrastructure Plan is just more stadium b.s.



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Show Notes

Patrick revisits his Vegas Portfolio, which is doing quite well. Although, he does admit he wishes he could light his Minnesota bet on fire, which oddly answers one of our "Top 10 Questions for the 2016-2017 Season."

Brian discusses DeMar DeRozan, who is not the next Michael Jordan (no one thinks this.) That said, DeRozan is drinking his own Kool-Aid.

The reality is DeRozan takes lots of iffy shot. He's pretty much just shooting better than last season, but we doubt he sustains it, he's already coming down to Earth.

The Mavericks are doing poorly, and Harrison Barnes is not paying off (yet, still 60+ games for that to pay off!) Cuban says they won't tank, though, which we agree with. The Mavs have "injury woes," but part of that is a clear issue in roster construction.

Trump's infrastructure plan is sadly a bad idea as it falls into the stadium problem. Namely, it's really a benefit to companies to get free government money, not really a way to improve infrastructure. Good Krugman article on it here.

Brian shouts out Steve Kerr for calling Klay Thompson "Rip Hamilton."