The Boxscore Geeks Show #277: Chris Yeh and the Lakers' Last Dance

Chris Yeh returns to the show to do a quick podcast discussing the Lakers and Bulls of the 80s and 90s, podcasting, and Mental Samurai.



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Video Show

We talk Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Sky Hook and how it happened because the NCAA changed the rules to prevent him from dunking. It helped Kareem's legacy and is also the reason why it will likely never be replicated.

We talk the "Last Dance", the documentary series about the Chicago Bulls final three-peat. We note how the Bulls Coronation in the 90s happened due to an OT loss and game four injuries to James Worthy and Byron Scott.

Also, Scottie Pippen was amazing! Also, a few fun Ralph Sampson stories. He could have turned the Rockets into a dynasty a decade early had they traded him for Clyde Drexler! (h/t Greg Steele). Flashback to how the Lakers "missing" on Ralph Sampson in the 1982 draft is why the Showtime Lakers ruled the backend of the 80s.

We shout out Chris Yeh's amazing podcast (conveniently found at his catchall site, Due to the COVID pandemic, Chris Yeh's normal whirlwind speaking tour is on hold, and his Harvard Business School reunion is also postponed. Luckily, Zoom has made podcasting easy enough for Chris to make an amazing set of interviews and up the level of his podcast. Subscribe if you haven't!

For those that don't know, Chris Yeh was a competitor on the reality TV show Mental Samurai. It makes super nerds prove their athletic prowess too! We didn't want to spoil Chris's results, so you'll have to wait to watch. That said, Chris recorded a series of podcasts with some of the other amazing competitors, including Dr. Jackie Boehme. Chris recorded one of the best interviews of his podcasts with her (warning, spoilers!)

Also, Dr. Boehme has been a huge part of, which is an organization to help make protective masks for medical professionals. As we note, she was truly one of the best contestants on the show.