The Boxscore Geeks Show #261: Greg Steele and Advanced Analytics

Greg Steele returns to talk analytics, the Lakers, and more!



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Video Show

We grade some of Patrick's bets from last week. Greg likes Patrick's Spurs bets but thinks that the Knicks could be alright.

Greg thinks Giannis hasn't hit his ceiling!

We discuss 538's RAPTOR and some issues we've had in analytical models and standard flaws we've seen over the years.

Greg makes a slam dunk point -- when you evaluate a metric or a model, look at the math and how the model is constructed. While player rankings are what get clicks, it is not how you should prove or disprove a model's output.

We talk Greg's offseason grades for the Lakers and why he likes DeMarcus Cousins more than us.

We discuss some of Greg's new defensive stats.

This week's "Stat People to follow" are:

This might be a new thing if I remember to keep it going, it might be dropped if I forget! If you have good stats people to follow, let us know. These two make the list this week as we drop them into the conversation during the show.