The Boxscore Geeks Show #255: Dwight Howard and the 80 Wins Lakers

Chris Yeh returns to talk Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers and also some geeky sci-fi tangents.



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Video Show

Chris Yeh returns and that is old hat. That said, if you don't know him, make sure to check out his site, or his best-selling books sites (that's right plural) and Finally, Chris Yeh is also a reality TV show winner (spoiler!) and you can check out streaming at Fox -

We briefly talk more time travel based on last week's show. Namely a theory that shows up both in a fun Cracked video about Back to the Future and a Darkwing Duck episode about time travel. Basically, the act of a person going forward in time impacts the timeline they'll be traveling to in unforeseen ways. Chris also notes a South Park episode with a similar slant. Chris also referenced a time travel book called Replay that fits in the vein of Groundhog's Day and Edge of Tomorrow. We cap it off with an Aquaman reference. We might be nerds.

We talk Andrew Luck's retirement and compare it to Rob Gronkowski, Ronnie Lott, Peyton Manning, and GOP representative Sean Duffy.

We talk Caris LeVert's contract and why it's not promising from a production standpoint, but might be done for other reasons.

We bring up players like Nick Young, who might be good locker room guys despite their lack of production. We note Garry Gergich on Parks and Rec ala office dynamics. Chris has bad news for me, if you don't know who the Garry is in your group, you're the Garry.

We talk the Lakers who have now lost DeMarcus Cousins but grabbed Dwight Howard. Chris says on paper, the Lakers could be an 80 win squad! (Obviously, this is hyperbole, tune in to hear the reasoning though.)