The Boxscore Geeks Show #252: Jeremy Lin-Manual Miranda

Chris Yeh returns to talk the Lakers and misleading NBA narratives, like Uncle Dennis!



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Video Show

Make sure to check out if you want to follow more of Chris' work. He's also been podcasting regularly with Reid Hoffman on the Greymatter podcast about Blitzscaling, his New York Times bestseller, which you should definitely read if you haven't!

We discuss:

Behind the scenes on how podcasts are made.

How Lin-Manual Miranda did a "Blitzscale" move with his hit musical Hamilton.

How Kawhi's "Uncle Dennis" is an example of a mainstream narrative clashing with the actual story.

We use that to springboard into how the Lakers narratives are wrong.

We also discuss what the heck has happened in LA the last two years and the state of the Lakers going forward.

We discuss a little bit about Kobe's legacy and if Paul Pierce was a better franchise player.

Tune in!