The Boxscore Geeks Show #245: 700 Reasons to Root for Toronto

We're back to talk more NBA playoffs, the All-NBA team, and the Mental Samurai finale.



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Video Show

We start talking a little more about the Game of Thrones finale. A fan cut matches what we spoke last week and went viral. Of course, we debate if this is too overt. Of course, as it is entertainment, it's supposed to be performative like wrestling!

We talk the All-NBA team and how awesome it is that Jokic and Curry made the first squad. Of course, we also debate if other players like Ben Simmons were more deserving.

We also talk about how, although Klay Thompson has no business on any All-NBA team, it's ridiculous how making a list decided by voters can impact his pay so much.

Also, in regards to players that didn't belong on the All-NBA squads, we think Joel Embiid, Blake Griffin, and Kemba Walker maybe should have been bumped by other players.

The Agony of Defeat podcast has a great new episode on the NBA draft.

If you're looking for a discussion about the Overton window and how Reaganomics moved the discourse windows on how people view worker rights ala the NBA CBA, you're in the right spot.

We talk how the Bucks fell to the Raptors - Giannis and Bledsoe didn't show up. What's more, the Bucks, unlike the Raptors, didn't shorten their rotation. This is a theory Arturo has floated forever.

We also talk how we like the Raptors better than the Bucks (some pettiness and greed may be involved, tune in to hear!) Toronto is a better market than Milwaukee -- something Devin noted years ago. The Raptors have no draft lottery picks too, so we can cheer for a non-tanking squad!

We talk about the Mental Samurai season finale. I've been tracking the boxscores for the show all season at Also, friend of the show and contestant Chris Yeh has had a fantastic behind the scenes podcast with the contestants. If the show goes to season 2, I like the playoff model, although both Brian and I think more playoff presentation could help it.

Finally, we note some sports greats passed last week. Green Bay Packer great Bart Starr passed. Also, Bill Buckner left us as well. We bring up the excellent book Triumph and Tragedy in Mudville by Stephen Jay Gould. Bill Buckner is wrongly associated with blowing the World Series for the Red Sox in 1986. A story Gould manages to associate with the Alamo! A few notes:

  • The first relief pitcher Calvin Schiraldi gave up three hits and allowed a run.
  • The second relief pitcher Mookie Wilson threw a wild pitch that allowed in a run, thus tying the game, and advanced the eventual game-winner to second.
  • Buckner's error occurred in game 6 when the game was tied, and the Red Sox lost in game 7.

While Buckner was a small part of why the Mets won game 6, it is unfair to even act as if he cost the Red Sox a win in game six. Apologies for the long note, but I spent a while reviewing the game log and didn't want it to go to waste

Tune in!