The Boxscore Geeks Show #244: Why Aaron Rodgers won the Game of Thrones

We talk the NBA Conference Finals and the Game of Thrones finale.



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Video Show

Around the NBA:
  - Magic Johnson was the Ned Stark of the NBA.
  - The draft lottery failure this past season.
  - Tobias Harris is going to be expensive!
  - The Athletic will be covering the NBA more, great!
  - Why Forbes is still bad.

  - Golden State and Portland, and how a 17 point lead isn't safe!
  - Why staying the course after a successful season is a good plan, and Portland is doing that.
  - How the 2016-2017 Warriors are the greatest team ever.
  - Milwaukee / Toronto. Malcolm Brogdon is back, Brook Lopez made us look like fools, and we 
     think it's all over. Right after we recorded this, the Raptors tied the series 2-2 ...

Game of Thrones:
  - Aaron Rodgers gave his take on the season finale and it actually made us like it more!
  - All sorts of thoughts on the show, tune in!