The Boxscore Geeks Show #242: We go to Quadruple OT to talk about Game of Thrones

New week, same recipe as last week: round two of the playoffs and Game of Thrones episode 4.



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Video Show

We talk the NBA Playoffs.

  • Namely: Milwaukee vs. Boston - ho-hum
  • Toronto vs. Philadelphia - a barnburner thanks to stars. We recorded this before Kawhi went Nova in game 5.
  • Denver vs. Portland - an amazing chance for Denver. Luckily, so far, they've delivered.
  • Golden State vs. Houston - It all comes down to health.

We talk Chris Yeh's Mental Samurai run too.

Finally, we spend a lot of time, a little under half the show on Game of Thrones. What can we say, we're fans!