The Boxscore Geeks Portfolio: Freerollin'

An amazing thing happened to the portfolio on Monday night: The Denver Nuggets won their 46th game, which won the portfolio another $381.82 thanks to the $200 over bet on the Nuggets. But it gets better: this win also brought Utah within 1/2 game of the Northwest Division title, which means that regardless of what happens in Utah for the Jazz' Tuesday night game against the Warriors (coach: rest your players!), the division title will be decided on Wednesday, when the Jazz visit the Trailblazers in Portland. Let's take a breath and remember that on April 1st, the Jazz were 4 games back, with 5 games to go! And in January, the Jazz were nine games under .500, in last place in the Northwest. Could this be a story similar to that of the Miracle Mets?

And of course, this is a big deal for the portfolio, which reaps a $3100 payout if the Jazz win the Northwest Division. Which means I have a viewing party to start planning...

In other news, Brooklyn kept my hopes alive by beating the Bulls, the Pistons lost, making the bet for  greater than 38.5 wins come down to their last game vs the Bulls, and the Knicks....well, the Knicks can blow me.