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Show Notes


We talk about the upcoming CBA and how it's possible it will be lockout free. We also talk about the media cycle and why this "Woj Bomb" may be pre-emptive and have strings attached.

The 76ers

Ben Simmons has a major foot injury and may be out for the season.

We talk about how this impacts the 76ers. We also waffle back and forth about our thoughts on Sam Hinkie and his plans.

Joakim Noah

Patrick brings up Joakim Noah and his thoughts on war.

Coming Soon!

Patrick will be returning to Vegas this year, so he'll be putting some money down again,which brings back one of our favorite series. Check out RealGM's series with Arturo on his over/unders (Western Conference Here)

We'll have some top 10 lists coming out soon. Stay tuned!