The 2019 NBA Playoff Series MVPs

The playoffs are almost wrapping up, and at the end, only one name will gain an MVP title, the Finals MVP. That said, there are a total of 15 playoff series in the playoffs. I decided to find the MVP of each series. I decided to use the "Game Ball" methodology. I found the player that had the most impact on the game, using the Points over Par metric, in the direction of the game. The key here is that a player with a poor performance can get the game ball if they had the biggest impact on the game. In the event of a tie in a series, I went with the player that had the best (or worst) performance for the series in regards to the winning team.

Round Conference Series MVP Team Game Balls
Eastern Conference Finals MIL-TOR Kawhi Leonard TOR 1
Western Conference Finals GSW-POR Stephen Curry GSW 2
Eastern Conference Semifinals MIL-BOS Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL 2
Eastern Conference Semifinals TOR-PHI Kawhi Leonard TOR 2
Western Conference Semifinals GSW-HOU Draymond Green GSW 1
Western Conference Semifinals DEN-POR C.J. McCollum POR 2
Eastern First Round MIL-DET Sterling Brown MIL 1
Eastern First Round TOR-ORL Kawhi Leonard TOR 3
Western First Round GSW-LAC Danilo Gallinari LAC 2
Western First Round DEN-SAS Jamal Murray SAS 2
Western First Round POR-OKC Damian Lillard POR 1
Western First Round HOU-UTA Donovan Mitchell UTA 3
Eastern First Round PHI-BKN Ben Simmons PHI 2
Eastern First Round BOS-IND Jaylen Brown BOS 1

Let's talk a few fun series. In the first round, Donovan Mitchell and Danilo Gallinari both won "Series MVP" for the opposing squad. Credit to Sterling Brown for winning the first round MVP. He was forgettable enough as a Milwaukee Buck, I accidentally credited him as a Pistons player in my first publication of this post (thanks to chrisofspades for the correction)

Also, right now the Finals are a tie between Pascal Siakam and Marc Gasol (for the Warriors). Although, I'd bet Kawhi gets at least one game ball before all is said and done.

I'll hopefully revisit this data with more posts this week, and we'll talk it on this week's Boxscore Geeks show. Until then!