So this is new?

Hi, and welcome to the all new slightly reworked, all different and hopefully cleaner look of the Boxscore Geeks website!

As with most re-designs, some of you will like it, and some will hate it. I'd like to hear from you either way. Here are some of the things I tried to address (some of this may be geekier than the non-web-developers among you care to know about):

  • I removed the Bootstrap CSS that I was using, in favor of a much smaller minimalist package. This shrank the CSS considerably, which should help the site load on mobile devices.
  • Speaking of mobile, I fixed most of the tables so that they now scroll horizontally. I still don't think phones are a great way to view data like we collect here, and I am considering some possible solutions to that, but this should help accessibility some.
  • I changed the color scheme. The palette is called You Are Beautiful. I considered Terra and Thought Provoking as well).
  • I slightly reduced the font size -- I think this offers a better balance of readability and "real estate" usage.
  • I tweaked the navbar so that the tabs are in a subnav, and the subnav scrolls on mobile devices. I think this is a little better than the "hamburger menu" which, according to what google tells me, no one ever uses.

I didn't fo back and address older articles, though -- so if those look a little janky now, I apologize.