More Playoff Thoughts

The playoffs have been wild, and the Conference Finals did not disappoint. Here's another stream of consciousness set of thoughts!

LeBron James has reached six consecutive Finals, a feat not done since the 1960s Celtics (e.g. Bill Russell) However, it's worth noting in Russell's sixth Finals there were nine teams in the NBA and no free agency. In short, it wasn't quite the same. Bron is one of the greatest ever, and as it will be next to impossible to match Jordan's six rings, it 's nice to get distinguishing marks like this on his all-time status.

A player has scored ten or more threes a mere 31 times in NBA history. It's worth noting that eleven of those were by Klay Thompson or Stephen Curry!

Durant staying or leaving OKC will be interesting. Of course, there are only a few teams that are upgrades versus OKC. That said, both the Spurs and Warriors will gladly make room, I'm sure.

With under two minutes to play the game was within four points in game seven of the Western Conference Finals. There are no player/team was or wasn't clutch arguments. There are no player/team *clearly* won arguments. It was an amazing series between two amazing teams.

On the same note, with a mere four minutes to play the Warriors looked ready to go home in game six. Klay Thompson channeled his inner Ray Allen!

DeMar DeRozan played his best ball in the Eastern Conference Finals after a pretty mediocre playoffs. I'm going to laugh so hard when he gets a max deal.

I'm reminded of the 2008 Celtics who were pushed to a game seven and still went on to dominate the Finals. Can the Warriors follow suit? If they don't, they will be the greatest regular season team to fail to win a ring in NBA history.

Every one of the Warriors "core" players on the Warriors are under contract next season. Harrison Barnes doesn't count. If he returns, the Warriors did something wrong! However, one of the top players on every one of the other Conference Finalists is a free agent or has a player option next season. Next year's Finals landscape could look vastly different.

Last one! Anyone feel like Curry vs. Bron is Jordan vs. Barkley like? I can't wait to see what happens.