Conference Finals Quick Thoughts

The Conference Finals are halfway done and talk about drama! Sadly us Geeks have been busy, so today I decided to just give a bunch of bullet points on my thoughts about how the Conference Finals.

The Warriors, who bragged about being "light years" ahead of other teams are losing to a team playing a power forward and center next to two stars. Also known as: "the classic NBA strategy."

On that note, I have to laugh that the Harden trade, which I've chastised as one of the worst mistakes in NBA history, may now work out in the Thunder's favor. The trade ended up with them getting Steven Adams, and the money they "saved" was enough to afford Most-Improved Player Enes Kanter. Both are being credited for helping the Thunder's postseason success.

Hey fun note, both Bismack Biyombo and Hassan Whiteside have gotten a lot of credit this postseason. Of course, we've thought their performance was great for years. That said, both are due to make good money this offseason. Oddly enough the Sacramento Kings held the rights to both players at one point for under $2 million a season! Whoops!

On that note, why the heck is Bismack on a $3 million a year deal? Masai essentially signed him to be a Valanciunus backup. Teams that think tanking makes sense tend to miss that underrated talent is available for cheap in the NBA.

Lowry has been absent the whole playoffs. Is he back?

I was rooting for the Warriors or Spurs, but I can't lie, it does feel like Durant should get a ring.

On the same note, would a title keep Durant and Westbrook in OKC? 

More on the Thunder, if they win this, it has to be the most impressive road to a title, right?

The Warriors and Cavs can't both be upset! Can they? Can they?

What do you think of the finals? I'm sure I have even more thoughts that I'll discuss tonight with Brian on the #BSGShow podcast.