Box Score Geeking: 04/11/2013 Preview

Introducing our new daily feature, Box Score Geeking. Every day we'll take you through the results of the previous night's games and prepare you for the night to come. Right now we'll just focus on today's previews -- we'll catch up on previous results later.

Expect the look of these posts to change as we improve our site features. For now, we're going with basic tables:

Date: 4/11/2013
Home (H): Cleveland Cavaliers
Away (A): Minnesota Timberwolves
Win Probability (H): 47%
Box Score Geeks PM: Wolves by 1
Vegas PM: Cavs by 1.5
Home (H): Los Angeles Clippers
Away (A): Houston Rockets
Win Probability (H): 47%
Box Score Geeks PM: Rockets by 0.9
Vegas PM: Clippers by 5
Home (H): Memphis Grizzlies
Away (A): Boston Celtics
Win Probability (H): 78%
Box Score Geeks PM: Grizzlies by 8.8
Vegas PM: Grizzlies by 12
Home (H): Philadelphia 76ers
Away (A): Golden State Warriors
Win Probability (H): 54%
Box Score Geeks PM: Sixers by 1.1
Vegas PM: Warriors by 6.5

Our most likely upset of the night would have to be the 76ers over the Warriors. Vegas -- as represented by Vegas Insider Consensus lines -- expects the Warriors to win by 6.5 pts. The Box Score Geeks' expected margin is Sixers by 1.1, with the Sixers having a 54% chance of winning at home.

Blowout watch is in effect for Celtics at Grizzlies -- BSG's expected margin is 8.8, and the Vegas Consensus is 12.

We expect Wolves at Cavs, Rockets at Clippers, and Warriors at Sixers to be close games that could go either way.