Arturo's Hall of Fame Votes

Arturo has made an in depth set of standards for deciding who belongs in the NBA Hall of Fame (modern players: 1978 onwards). We've reviewed the snubs, and the future players that should be first ballot. Today we'll look at the players rightfully in the Hall and Arturo's roadmap for how'd he spend his upcoming votes, if he were a gatekeeper for the Hall of Fame.

A reminder, Arturo looks at a combination of a player's peak performance and their longevity. He made a list of his top 100 players that deserve to be in the Hall. The listed rank below is where there are in the top 100. With almost thirty years of time to vote players in, how has the Hall done? Below are the top players on Arturo's list that have been praised as one of the league's best.

Rank Player HOF Score Total Ballot Voted In
1 John Stockton 133.1 1st
2 Charles Barkley 126.7 1st
3 Magic Johnson 125.1 1st
4 Dennis Rodman 114.1 2nd
5 David Robinson 100.0 1st
7 Michael Jordan 97.1 1st
10 Larry Bird 86.1 1st
12 Clyde Drexler 82.8 1st
15 Moses Malone 80.9 1st
16 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 75.8 1st
19 Hakeem Olajuwon 72.8 1st
23 Artis Gilmore 65.8 16th
25 Scottie Pippen 63.7 1st
27 Karl Malone 61.9 1st
31 Reggie Miller 59.8 2nd
34 Robert Parish 57.9 1st
39 Wes Unseld 53.4 1st
44 Julius Erving 51.1 1st
57 Adrian Dantley 44.0 11th
62 Gary Payton 42.7 1st
67 Kevin McHale 40.7 1st
82 Chris Mullin 36.3 4th
89 Bill Walton 34.0 1st

See, who says we don't like conventional wisdom? Of the twenty-three names Arturo found, eighteen made it in their first year of eligibility! With that, let's harp on the negative for a bit!

It doesn't seem like a major mistake but Dennis Rodman not being first-ballot is a major mistake. This is a guy who lead the NBA in rebounding seven consecutive seasons and won back to back Defensive Player of the Year awards! He also racked up seven All-Defense First Teams from 1989-1996. And it's not like the voters can claim they missed his stats. In theory, they should have been reviewing them as they voted in Scottie Pippen during Rodman's first year of eligibility.

Artis Gilmore waiting almost two decades is a crime. It also shows a glaring blindspot in the voters' eyes for the ABA. Gilmore had an amazing NBA legacy, but he started his pro-baller career in the ABA, where he earned Rookie of the Year and the Most Valuable Player awards! He also racked up an ABA title. In twelve NBA seasons, Gilmore averaged a 17-10 line. Unforgivable voters, unforgivable.

Adrian Dantley may be the one example of Yay! Points! failing. His only major failure was postseason success. That should also make him bitter as he was traded from two dynasties right before they hit (the 1980s Lakers and the Bad Boy Pistons the year of their first title!)

All I'll say on Reggie Miller is if he had played his whole career in Los Angeles next to Shaq and Pau Gasol, he wouldn't have waited. 

Finally, Mullin, as a member of the Dream Team was a surprise delay. Still, respect for the NBA player that looks the most like a Street Fighter character.

Arturo's Votes

Arturo made the following "cheat sheet" for the next four drafts, assuming he had a vote to the Hall of Fame.

2015: Dikembe Mutombo (1st Ballot), Buck Williams, Sidney Moncrief, Nate McMillan, Maurice Cheeks and Larry Nance

2016: Shaquille O'Neal(1st Ballot)Yao Ming (1st Ballot)  Horace Grant, Fat Lever, Mark Jackson and Terry Porter

2017 Ben Wallace (1st Ballot), Zelmo Beaty, Cedric Maxwell, Jeff Hornacek, Bobby Jones and Dale Davis

2018 Jason Kidd (1st Ballot), Grant Hill (1st Ballot), Larry FoustDon Nelson (as player and coach), Rodney McCray and Brent Barry

Yao gets in 2016 because he represents China (he's ranked 166th amongst modern players). Don Nelson gets in as player and coach. Toughest omits were Camby and TMac who I'd vote for in the 2019 class.

So there you have it. We do agree the Hall has done some stuff right, but with 40 snubs, and a few players that waited too long, it's safe to say the Naismith Hall of Fame could improve its standards for picking the NBA elite. Just a suggestion, maybe throw Arturo a vote...