Arturo's Hall of Fame Snubs

We love to argue basketball at the Boxscore Geeks. It's no joke that a discussion of who the best players of all time can easily lead us down hour long discussions or super long email threads. So when we put Arturo to the task, he took the Hall of Fame seriously. Arturo came up with his own recipe for the standard he'd give any player before using his imaginary vote to get into the Hall of Fame (check out the original post here)

A reminder, Arturo looked at how a player performed in their prime and their whole career. A blend of being a dominant player or having a great career -- the two are not mutually exclusive. Sponsored by Tim Duncan! -- are the keys to getting Arturo's stamp of approval. Thankfully the top names have all already gotten their place. Sadly, Arturo's found a list of players that deserve a little more credit. Here's a big list of forty of them!

Rank Player HoF Score
21 Buck Williams 70.0
26 Sidney Moncrief 63.2
28 Nate McMillan 60.2
29 Maurice Cheeks 60.1
30 Larry Nance 59.8
33 Horace Grant 59.1
35 Fat Lever 55.1
37 Michael Cage 54.2
40 Mark Jackson 53.4
43 Terry Porter 51.9
45 Cedric Maxwell 50.3
46 T.R. Dunn 50.0
47 Jeff Hornacek 49.8
48 Larry Smith 49.4
49 Dale Davis 49.4
50 Anthony Mason 49.3
51 Bobby Jones 49.1
52 Rodney McCray 48.3
56 Alvin Robertson 44.5
58 Kevin Johnson 43.7
59 A.C. Green 43.5
60 Bo Outlaw 43.5
63 Charles Oakley 42.3
64 Paul Pressey 41.9
66 P.J. Brown 40.7
68 James Donaldson 40.2
69 Hersey Hawkins 40.1
70 Tree Rollins 40.0
71 Bill Laimbeer 39.8
72 Marques Johnson 39.5
74 Dan Roundfield 39.1
76 Vlade Divac 38.9
79 Don Buse 37.2
80 Muggsy Bogues 36.9
86 Steve Mix 35.1
88 Eddie Jones 34.7
90 Foots Walker 33.9
92 Dan Majerle 33.6
93 Rod Strickland 33.3
95 Detlef Schrempf 32.5

As a clarification, Arturo looked the top 100 players since the modern era (1978) of basketball -- the rank next to each player's name is where they rank on this list.. Letting in about three players a season since 1984, you'd think there'd be ample time to let all the players in.  Not so fast! Now, the good news is that a good number of Arturo's top 100 players are either: already in the Hall; still active; or not yet eligible. And don't worry, we'll get to all of them. But these forty names are players that have been sadly denied their right! Here's what Arturo had to say on the subject

Much as I'd like to, we can't induct everyone on this list. I'd focus on the most egregious. Buck Williams, Sidney Moncrief, Nate McMillan, Maurice Cheeks, Larry Nance, Horace Grant, Fat Lever and Bobby Jones (who gets penalized a bit here for splitting eras) all should be in as quickly as possible. Michael Cage, Mark Jackson, Terry Porter and Cedric Maxwell can wait for a while.

I'll use Arturo as proof that Celtics fans just don't seem to appreciate Cedric Maxwell. What do you think? Who's the most egregious person not in the Hall? We'll be back soon with the best active players that have already stamped their ticket, and the no-brainer (to us) First-Ballot players.