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Apology on Yesterday's Piece

Yesterday I ran a piece that dissected statements made by Dr. Daniel Kahneman in an alledged interview at Golden State of Mind. It turns out that this interview was actually the author of the piece having an imaginary interview with Dr. Kahneman. We did not realize this, as the only statement clarifying this was:

The following interview with Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman may have taken place.

Which was immediately followed by:

I recently was given an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Daniel Kahneman who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Science back in 2002. Kahneman is a pyschologist by training and spent his career working on the psychology of human decision-making. What follows is the transcript of our session.

We do not believe that this was obvious enough to show that the interview was not real, especially as the title of the post (Daniel Kahneman speaks out on NBA fans, Golden State Warriors, and Klay Thompson) gave no hints either.

We contacted Dr. Kahneman after one of our readers (thanks zlern!) mentioned that the interview was likely fake, and he confirmed that the interview did not take place. We have also contacted SB Nation to let them know of our concerns on how the piece was portrayed.

We apologize to Dr. Kahneman for not quickly realizing that the poor analysis in the article was clearly not his own. We have corrected our original post to make it clear that the ideas expressed in the Golden State of Mind interview were not those of Dr. Kahneman. We also apologize to our readers for linking to and commenting on a misleading journalistic piece.

We will try to ensure this does not happen again.