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3/4 Visual Guide

All Data for the post is through 3/12/2014

We're back with more visuals! You might note that we made some upgrades. The logos are smaller, and we converted the offense and defense ratings to point margin. As always, we can't do this without your awesome feedback, so please it coming.

Season Ratings

The Season Ratings graph shows the value of each team's offense and defense to their overall adjusted point margin per game. It's expressed in points per game, with offense on the side and defense on the bottom. Greater than zero numbers mean better than league average offensive/defensive unit. The higher the better the offense, the more to the right the better the defense.

Adjusted Win% vs Actual Win%

The Adjusted Win% versus Actual Win% graph intends to show how much the schedule affects the actual win total of each team. A team on the center black line represents a team whose record actually reflects the strength of that team. Teams above that line are stronger than their current record. Teams below that line are weaker than their record. 



The Pace graph shows the typical number of offensive possesions in a game for each team. Faster Pace (to the right) means more points and larger point margins per game. Slower pace (to the left) means fewer points and smaller point margins.


Strength of Schedule

The Strength of Schedule graph shows how a team's schedule and opponents affect its actual point margin per game. Teams with a negative point margin (to the left of the vertical axis) have played a tougher schedule. Teams with a positive point margin (the right of the vertical axis) have played an easier schedule.

As before, consider this a continuing proof of concept of some of the tools that I'm building. Thoughtful discussion and criticism is welcomed, but please send all flames to /dev/null.