The Boxscore Geeks Show: Ben Wallace is in the Hall!


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Video Show

We talk:

The Warriors in the playoffs, and why our predictions on the franchise have improved in recent years.

They get no points though for “following” our advice as they benched their bad players due to injury(my post on the subject)

The MVP race, it’s a short conversation, for obvious reason. #JokicMVP

Why Jeannie Buss was wrong to snub Jerry West from her all-time Lakers list. Brian had the best response: “Has she ever looked at the NBA logo?”

We talk a little about the playoffs, but not too much in-depth as we’re still waiting for the play-in tournament. A fun note, there’s an argument almost all of the top 16 teams have a star. Tack on the play-in tournament and anything can happen.

Chris Webber and Ben Wallace are in the Naismith Hall of Fame. Took them long enough! Also, I may be trying to write more regularly at I think I muck up the pronunciation, but is a great follow if you want someone who is rightfully upset by ABA snubs to Hall of Fame!

I found a weird set of connections that doesn’t mean anything but it is funny. Penny Hardaway starred in Blue Chips with Shaq, a movie about a pay-to-play scandal at a top NCAA school. Hardaway was drafted #3 by the Warriors and then traded for Chris Webber, who got in trouble for a pay-to-play scandal. Years later James Wiseman got in trouble for a pay-to-play scandal with Penny Hardaway and went on to be drafted by the Warriors!

Finally, shout out to Mark Fidrych, aka "The Bird!"