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The Boxscore Geeks Show: Playoffs?!

We're back to talk the Boxscore Geeks portfolio, the playoffs, and more!



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Video Show

Show Notes

We review our annual portfolio, where Patrick puts his money where his mouth is in Vegas.

We look over why some teams like Charlotte did worse than expected.

Some things are just hard to know. Memphis fell back to earth for a push, but before that JaMychal Green was playing like LeBron James in key games! Oh, and four players in their thirties (forties in Vince Carter's case) vastly outperformed last season numbers.

We also review how the usual "I beat Vegas" post has flaws, including the range of games required to be right.

Doc Rivers talks the "dumbest thing he's ever heard." We note he's right but coached wrong. Also, a lot of traditional clutch ideas are wrong, e.g. Kobe wasn't clutch.

We review the NBA playoffs, so far (this was recorded right as Boston was losing their second game). Some series get more attention than others. Tune in!

We talk about the consultant the Blue Jays (I make a mistake for part of the podcast, and confuse them with the Blues) that peddles the same B.S. logic about stadiums helping the economy. Reminder, they don't! We also note how similar to the "Advanced Stats" movement this feels, where a non-economist is paid to do bad economic studies. 

Shout Outs

Matt Femrite for a great article on Golden State and league adjusted stats.

The Cracked After Hours crew will be at the C2E2 convention in Chicago this weekend. Go if you can! Sadly, I'll have to miss it this year.

I shout out the HarmonTown podcast, which I didn't realize existed and luckily found right as I was nearing the end of my Community binge watching.

Brian shouts out a Twitter commenter, who questioned our logic on picking Lonzo Ball first in the upcoming draft. Hey, it's Brian's shout out.