The Top Ten Boxscores of the Week

Another week, another top ten box scores! We have some record-setting games, so MVP performances, and a few downright horrible games.

Player Date Minutes PTS(TS%) TRB(ORB)| AST TOV STL BLK PF PoP
Russell Westbrook 4/9 37 50 (67.9%) 16 (2) 10 2 1 0 1 19.3
Damian Lillard 4/8 42 59 (71.9%) 6 (0) 5 0 1 0 0 19.5
Marcus Smart 4/6 33 18 (75.8%) 4 (1) 7 1 6 2 3 13.2
Rudy Gobert 4/4 35 20 (96.2%) 11 (1) 3 0 1 3 4 12.9
LeBron James 4/5 39 36 (71.8%) 10 (2) 6 3 0 2 3 10.9
Hassan Whiteside 4/5 31 13 (63%) 20 (4) 0 1 1 3 3 7.9
Guillermo Hernangomez 4/9 31 24 (68%) 11 (3) 5 2 3 0 3 7.7
DeAndre Jordan 4/5 33 11 (64.6%) 20 (3) 1 2 2 0 1 7.8
Nik Stauskas 4/4 24 4 (20.2%) 4 (0) 6 4 0 0 5 -13.1
Brook Lopez 4/6 31 10 (32.9%) 5 (1) 2 4 0 0 3 -13.8

1. Russell Westbrook broke the triple-double record in a single season against the Nuggets. He also put up a fifty-point game with a buzzer-beating win! Easily the best game of the week and a historic one at that! Sadly this helped knock the Nuggets out of the playoffs, oh well!

2. Damian Lillard set a franchise record in points with fifty-nine. The rest of his boxscore wasn't too shabby either: five assists with no turnovers, and six rebounds! Of course, this game helped the Blazers win against the Jazz in a game that helped knock the Nuggets out of the playoffs!

3. Marcus Smart put up a strong game in a loss to the Hawks. He lead the week in steals with six, which helped him make the list. His assists, efficient shooting, and blocks were pretty good too! Sadly, it wasn't enough for the Celtics to get a needed win, but the Cavs may still let Boston win the East.

4. Rudy Gobert, my darkhorse candidate for MVP, makes the list with a standard big game: a 20-10 with three blocks. Gobert's offense was uncharacteristically strong too, his shooting was near perfect, and he also grabbed three assists!

5. LeBron James makes the list in what was seemingly the game to decide the fate of the East. LeBron put up thirty points and a double-double in a shellacking of the Boston Celtics. Classic Lebron at this point.

6. Hassan Whiteside makes the list for a twenty rebound game! He also put up thirteen points on efficient shooting in a win against the Bobcats along with a pretty standard three blocks.

7. Guillermo Hernangomez gets the rookie spot on the list for a great game against the Raptors. A double-double with twenty-four points on efficient scoring, as well as five assists and three steals? On a better team, it would have helped the Knicks to a win. No such luck!

8. DeAndre Jordan (another MVP candidate!) makes the list for another twenty rebound game. In a win against Dallas, DeAndre put up a double-double, and he even tacked on two steals. Good show!

9. Usually I save the 10th spot for the worst game of the week, but this week two games were bad enough to justify it. Stauskas went 1 for nine from the field and only racked up four points. His six assists and four rebounds were good for a guard, but his four turnovers and five fouls (in a mere twenty-four minutes) make this game truly awful. Expectedly the 76ers got rocked by the Nets (the Nets!)

10. Brook Lopez put up a horrible game in a loss to the Magic. Lopez went 50% from the free throw line, 50% from two, and missed all five of his threes. He also only grabbed five boards despite being a big with thirty-one minutes. Tack on four turnovers and this was a bad game that cost the Nets the game. The Celtics, who own the Nets pick this season, thank him, I'm sure!

That's our list! Did we miss someone? Are any players too high? Well don't worry, we'll be back next week with another one. If you see any box scores you think deserve consideration, leave them in the comments or tweet at myself (@nerdnumbers), Patrick (@nbageek), or Brian (@boxscorebrian) with hashtag #BSGTop10. Seeya next time!