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We talk the NBA Sixth Man and Defensive Players of the year, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, and, of course, the playoffs!



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Show Notes

Brian confuses Jim Mora's "Playoffs" rant with Allen Iverson's "Practice" rant. Maybe there's an epic combination of the two out there somewhere. Source material below!

Award Time

Jamal Crawford is 6th man of the Year?

We had a few counters, how about Andre Iguodala or Tristan Thompson?

Devin Dignam wrote the piece on Jamal Crawford not being 6th Man of the Year ... years ago.

True Shooting is similar to Slugging Percentage in baseball. It seems like if you just added walks to the numerator, it would be a lot like True Shooting.

We've been guilty of mangling Kawhi Leonard's name on this show. The NBA can rectify the butchering of his name that he got after winning Defensive Player of the Year last season.

We have no problem with Kawhi winning DPOY, but if Draymond Green didn't make your top five... something's wrong.

A breakdown of some of the top Defensive Players (according to the voting)

Steph Curry!

We talk about Steph Curry's fantastic scoring season.

I left out that Steph Curry has the most 10+ three-point games in an NBA season. The previous "record" was one!

I compare Steph Curry's final game to David Robinson's 1994 final game. It was huge to get Curry just over the line for several impressive scoring records.

It took Adrian Dantley 12 years after he was eligible for the Hall of Fame to make it. Inexcusable!

Kobe Bryant

We talk some of the odd comments 538 made in regards to Kobe Bryant.

We explain our "replace Kobe's shooting with an average player" logic. Another way to think of it, a metric like Wins Above Replacement Player doesn't assume the "replacement player" is the same person!

I reiterate my classic points - taking difficult shots is not impressive when passing is legal!

We discuss some issues with RPM including how much weighting variables in RPM matter, as well as the issue with ESPN's RPM "flavor" being a black box.

The Playoffs

The Spurs crushed the Grizzlies, as expected. We quickly review the rest of the playoffs, which will be outdated quickly, so tune in fast!

I want to say I was wrong. The Tobias Harris trade for Detroit is better than I thought, and I think it's awesome for them going forward.

I can not think of a team get as decimated by injury that still limped into the playoffs as the Grizzlies.

Shout Outs

Daryl Morey's Quora answers are quite entertaining. Check em out!