The Top 10 Boxscores of the Week

Welcome to the Top 10 Boxscore of the Week, a weekly segment on the Boxscore Geeks where we break down our favorite boxscores of the week. While we do use statistical criteria to guide our choices, this list is subjective. With that said, here's our list! These are from games from 3/8/16 through 3/13/16.

Player Date Minutes PTS(TS%) TRB(ORB)| AST TOV STL BLK PF PoP48
Giannis Antetokounmpo 3/13 41 28(67.2%) 11(3) 14 3 4 2 1 18.5
DeAndre Jordan 3/11 38 10(63.5%) 19(4) 0 2 1 6 4 21.4
Marreese Speights 3/12 18 25(75.1%) 9(1) 0 0 2 1 2 43.9
Nikola Jokic 3/10 27 18(88.2%) 10(2) 4 0 2 3 4 28.8
Kawhi Leonard 3/10 39 29(84.3%) 7(1) 2 1 2 2 1 20.7
Brook Lopez 3/8 35 35(83.5%) 5(1) 3 5 1 7 3 16
Russell Westbrook 3/9 37 25(69.1%) 11(2) 19 7 2 1 2 10.7
Matt Barnes 3/11 44 26(60.1%) 11(2) 10 0 2 0 5 10.3
Derrick Favors 3/13 38 28(68.6%) 14(5) 4 1 3 1 2 21.5
Jrue Holiday 3/12 29 8(30.8%) 3(0) 4 7 1 1 3 -19.5

1. Man, Giannis is just playing spectacularly lately. Putting up triple-doubles on a team Oscar Robertson played for is just good marketing. I couldn't be more thrilled that the "treadmill pick" of the draft is turning into such a star.

2. The "best" game of the week in terms of total production. Nothing that surprising out of DeAndre at this point. Still, would it have killed him to get one more rebound?

3. Mo Speights is the one glaring weakness on the Warriors. Since Iguodala got injured though he's been playing amazingly. Can he keep it up?

4. That Karl-Anthony Towns fella is a lock for the rookie of the year. Still, Jokic is no slouch and puts up the best game by a rookie this week. In a mere twenty-seven minutes, he put up a solid double-double with three blocks, two steals, and two assists. This guy can do everything!

5. We give so much love to Curry and Westbrook that we often overlook another MVP candidate in Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi continues his great scoring while also doing a good job filling up the rest of the box score.

6. Brook Lopez has the best scoring performance of the week and the most blocks of the week. It was an off week for both of those benchmarks.

7. Westbrook had an assist taken away on review and instead of cracking twenty assists instead ended up with nineteen. A solid triple-double, but that cost him a few spots on the list.

8. Matt Barnes makes the list with his triple-double. It took overtime and a decimated Grizzlies, but given his age; I still count it.

9. Utah is just outside of the playoffs looking in. They have some great players, including Derrick Favors. Can he keep up his play to get them into the first round?

10. The coveted tenth spot on the list goes to Jrue Holiday , who had almost as many turnovers as points and a horrendous scoring night in the worst game of the week.

That's our list! Did we miss someone? Are any players too high? Well don't worry, we'll be back next week with another one. If you see any box scores you think deserve consideration, leave them in the comments or tweet at myself (@nerdnumbers), Patrick (@nbageek), or Brian (@boxscorebrian) with hashtag #BSGTop10. Seeya next time!