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The Warriors' Real Difference Maker

The Golden State Warriors are red hot right now. They're a very fun team to watch, and they get a lot of press, but there's one guy that I rarely see anyone talking or writing about. I think the Warriors have an All-Star that everyone is overlooking.

The Sydney Morning Herald also thinks he's underappreciated.

It's interesting to me that Bogut's name doesn't come up much given how fantastic he's been all year, especially compared to last year:

  Andrew Bogut (2012-13) Andrew Bogut (2013-14) Average C (2000 - 2014)
WP48 .153 .290 .099
POP48 1.7 5.9 0
Points 11.4 14.3 18.4
Defensive rebounds 10.8 13.4 9.1
Offensive rebounds 4.2 4.7 4.3
Total Rebounds 15.0 18.1 13.4
Assists 4.1 2.8 2.3
Turnovers 2.1 2.9 2.7
Blocks 3.4 3.1 2.2
Steals 1.2 1.3 1.2
Fouls 5.2 5.0 4.9
True shooting 46.3% 61.1% 54.3%
Field goal attempts 11.2 10.7 14.7
Free throw attempts 2.3 2.3 5.0

Bogut is having a career year in rebounding and shooting efficiency, and no one seems to be noticing! And I strongly suspect that when the All-Star game comes around, he'll be on vacation. Durant, Howard will be voted in. One of Love or Griffin will be voted in, and the other is guaranteed to be picked by coaches. Aldridge won't be left off the squad given Portland's record (even though Batum and Matthews deserve more of the credit). The coaches won't leave Timmy off the squad either.

Then, considering that Curry is a lock for all-star status, is there really room for the coaches to pick a guy like Bogut, who averages only 8 points a game? I doubt it.

Don't get me wrong, I think Iggy has been a big difference maker for them as well, and guys like Green stepping up their game have helped, but I find it a little sad that no one is giving Bogut the love he deserves. Remember how Warriors fans were all pissed off about trading Ellis for him? I'm wondering how many of them would want to revert that trade now. Dude's playing like a franchise center. I'll take him in a dogfight with Hibbert right now.

Many fans are calling the NBA a point guard's league but I see a lot of unexpectedly great centers emerging this year. Bogut is one, and Robin Lopez is another, Miles Plumlee, John Henson, and Steven Adams are emerging as studs, and even Mason Plumlee has been one of the few bright spots for the Nets. DeAndre Jordan is kind of going nuts right now. Hibbert looks like the beast he was in 11/12. Chris Andersen has replaced Anthony in the Heat's rotation (I'm not sure what's more stupid -- the Nuggets amnestying him or the entire league not snapping him up before the Heat finally did). Dwight Howard is almost back to being Dwight.

I think this is becoming a big man's league. Oh, wait, actually I always thought it was one and that the small ball pundits were kidding themselves.

(The Heat don't play small ball because LeBron James is not small). 

Bogut (and Green's) numbers really popped during this streak of the last 12 games, which makes it a little late for all-star candidacy narrative. They've both been joys to watch.
Love the article. Just wanted to clarify something though;

"Remember how Warriors fans were all pissed off about trading Ellis for him?"

We weren't all pissed off. I, for one, was ecstatic. Not only because I liked Bogut during his healthy streaks in Milwaukee but because I had grown tired of the overrated Ellis.
Iggy's brilliance still going undercover, even here. I'm still laughing at Nuggets fans who thought losing Iggy was no big deal. The Nuggets and Warriors records with and without Iggy speaks for itself, though every advanced stat does as well.

And a lot of people liked the Ellis trade and were only worried about Bogut's health and injury proneness (stay tuned, the year isn't up yet).
There's also the vote split issue; David Lee has had a stretch of fantastic scoring games, he's always good for 10+ rebounds, and despite the knocks on his defense, voters don't take that into account that much.

I was speaking of the casual fan. I think even casual GSW fans would now rather not revert that trade.

As a wolves fan, I had the same problem in Love's rookie year. Many an idiot Wolves fan pointed to Mayo scoring 18 ppg as a rookie and talked about how terrible that trade was. And it was of course terrible -- but for Memphis.

Kevin McHale got a lot of shit, and deserved a lot of it, but that was one of the most lopsided trades of all time, and he never got credit for it. It would have been one-sided even straight up, but Memphis even threw in Mike Miller back when he was healthy!

It's a testament to how awful Randy Wittman is that he couldn't make a Roster with Love, Miller in his prime, and Al Jefferson before tearing an ACL into a .500 team. He had Ryan ****ing Gomes ahead of Love in the depth chart at PF, and after Love started poorly from beyond the arc, he forbade him from shooting any threes, so he finished the season with 19 attempts.

Worst coach of all time. Seriously, no idea how he keeps getting jobs.
Warriors fans are so beaten down at this point, Bogut does get some respect, but everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Iguodala, Bogut, and Curry are carrying the team pretty much all by themselves but haven't been able to stay on the court much the past few years, David Lee has been good too but there isn't much else behind those big three except for Draymond Green, who doesn't get enough minutes.
Lets not forget Boguts defensive prowess. Definitely and underrated performer. But too me of course his injuries are his biggest concern.

On another topic. Can we get a rookie update. I for one am a huge fan of Giannis Antetokounmpo. How does his high WP project at such a young age? How do his greek numbers compare?
I'm targeting a rookie update for all-star weekend. I'm weary of small sample sizes.

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