2014-5 Power Rankings#2: Jurassic League

As we start up the Holidays, an unexpected team makes it's rise to the top of the NBA pile. The rest of the East might be looking at an Extinction Level Event right now. 


Cleveland: It's Not Complicated

What's going on in Cleveland? Everyone (including us) figured this team was a lock to win 55 games. It's early, but 12 games is not a meaningless sample, and so far, they are on a pace to win...thirty-four games. Yikes.

So, what's going on? The popular memes seem to be: 1) they have no ball movement and 2) they have no rim protection. I think there's some truth to this (especially the ball movement), but I also think it's less complicated: their stars are underperforming, and their shooting guards are terrible at shooting (so far).


The Boxscore Geeks Show: Advanced Stats vs. Fun Facts

We talk about Kenneth Faried's popularity in Denver, the Boogie-Board, and the Milwaukee Bucks' hot start.


More Thoughts On Kobe

Kobe's out to make the record books this year. He's already on a pace to be the worst scoring leader in the NBA's history, and may become the first scoring leader to have more shots than points. He is, essentially, shooting the Lakers out of games. Stealth tanking!

In the turnover era, here is the list of players with > 1000 minutes who have taken more than 30 shots per 48 minutes (along with Kobe this year, who, barring injury, will easily eclipse 1000 minutes), and their true shooting percentages:


2014-5 Power Rankings#1: Overreaction Theatre

We take a slightly enhanced version of our NBA power rankings out for their first spin of the NBA season. 

Spoilers: Hot takes ahead!