BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Memphis Grizzlies Preview

After the deepest playoff run in their history, the Grizzlies seemed poised to break out to the next level last season. I loved them unabashedly before the season. They ran into some trouble, and lost two key cogs (Marc Gasol and Tony Allen) for a significant chunk of the season.

But the nice part about building a deep, quality roster is that they were able to overcome that adversity and roar into the playoffs. There, they lost to the Thunder in a series for the ages that featured four straight overtime games. The Grizzlies, perhaps even more than the Rockets, can legitimately complain about missed opportunities.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Houston Rockets Preview

When can we say a 54 win team underachieved? If you suspect they showed up hungover to a nationally televised game, that's one sign. If everyone you talk to at Sloan mentions immaturity as their biggest concern, that's another. If their franchise player is going to smoking bars in the middle of a first round series that they proceed to lose in an excruciating fashion, that's three.

On paper, we expected the Rockets to be the best team in the NBA last year. To be fair, we were only six wins off on our projection and they looked the part -- at times. They also , at times, looked like a college freshman at an open-bar frat party. If they can figure out how to get out of their own way, and if some of their roster bets pay off, this team could romp in the coming year.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Indiana Pacers Preview

The Pacers are one season removed from having an outside chance at a trip to the NBA Finals. This year, it's going to take a complete roster overhaul, which seems unlikely, or a whole lot of good fortune for the Pacers to even have a chance of getting swept by Cleveland in the first round of the Playoffs.

Paul George's devastating off-season injury coupled with the departure of Lance Stephenson in free agency are the main stories here, but don't overlook the fact that last season's Pacers win-loss record made them look a little better than our numbers do. Plus, they'll be relying on quite a few players on the wrong side of thirty.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Detroit Pistons Preview

The Detroit Pistons have been an example of how not to run an NBA franchise for the better part of a decade. After constructing, or perhaps stumbling into, a Wins Produced's fanboy's dream roster that was built around underappreciated superstars Ben Wallace and Chauncey Billups, Joe Dumars either a) forgot everything he knew about building a winning basketball team or b) showed just how lucky he got with Billups and Wallace in the first place.

Given that the Pistons haven't had a winning season since 2007-2008, coincidentally the season before Dumars turned Chauncey Billups into Allen Iverson, I'm inclined to go with the latter.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Cleveland Cavaliers Preview

In the decades to come, I wonder if they will put an asterisk next to the Executive of the Year awards that LeBron James was responsible for. Pat Riley was the happy general manager of a town where LeBron wanted to play in 2010, and this season's likely recipient, David Griffin, was lucky enough to be in charge of LeBron's hometown team.

This year, we can expect the Cav's to pull the old "Boston Switcheroo". They won't improve by 42 games like the '08 Celtics, but 30 isn't out of the question.