BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Golden State Warriors Preview

The Warrior's took a very strong starting five a long way last year. They've addressed a core weakness by signing Shawn Livingston. They will look to challenge the Clippers and Suns for the Pacific title, and in the end the health of their big three will probably be the biggest factor in whether this team is a marginal playoff team or a contender.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Los Angeles Lakers Preview

On paper, the Lakers have the talent to be a .500 team. But in practice, that would depend on Kobe's knees, Nash's back, and Byron Scott's ability to coach. That's a parlay that we wouldn't touch with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Brooklyn Nets Preview

Last year, I thought the Nets were an older veteran team that, while flawed, had a shot to contend for the NBA title if everything broke their way. Everything did not break their way. The franchise center and best offensive player, Brook Lopez, went down early in the season and their older veteran players had some predictable trouble staying on the court. 

Owner Mikhail Prokhorov's $200 million dollar gamble did not pay off in a trip to the Finals. The Nets not only had arguably the largest professional sports payroll ever, but they also mortgaged the future to construct their aging roster. 

They had a shot last year. That window is closed.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Boston Celtics Preview

On June 28, 2007 after a tanktastic 24-58 season and a miss in the Kevin Durant/Greg Oden sweepstakes, Danny Ainge went all in by trading first for Ray Allen and then for Kevin Garnett. One banner, two finals and five years to the day later, Ainge pressed the reset button again on an aging roster for a bevy of draft picks and the promise of a better tomorrow. Sadly, the immediate present, as evidenced by last year's terrible 25-57 record and this year's probable monstrosity is not so good.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Philadelphia 76ers Preview

Sam Hinkie cares a lot about winning. He just doesn't care if the team does it in 2014 or 2015. He's not particularly shy about this, either. My fondest memory of last year's Sloan conference was meeting Mr. Hinkie, and asking him to find a way to eek out 2 more wins for my over bet. He looked at me like I was daft and said "You bet the over on us!?".

I've bet the over on the Sixers again this year. It's a good bet, but we are going to sweat it all year long.