BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Chicago Bulls Preview

Who exactly is Derrick Rose? That has been the central question for the Bulls Franchise for the past six seasons. My new game metric thought he was the 14th most productive player in the NBA for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons and a clear star. The problem is that it's been three full seasons since he's been able to stay healthy and on the court (yes, three, he only played 39 of 66 regular season games in 2011-12).

This question is compounded by the fact that the Bulls' plans A, B and C at guard seems to be Rose. History is not really on their side.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Milwaukee Bucks Preview

The young Bucks might just be poised to put in their year in Hell. Milwaukee was "stealth tanking" (we told you this before the season) last year en route to selling the team. Now that the team is sold, it seems to be following a weird mirror of the Thunder's rebuild/relocation timeline. If you remember, the Sonics were sold in 2006, then tanked for Durant in 2007, went through a season of hell in 07-08 (which got them Westbrook), then moved to OKC after failing to put together a new arena deal.

If you're keeping track, Jabari is Durant in this scenario, last year was the tank season and this year looks to be the year of hell with an uphill battle to get a new stadium deal. Seattle, in a complete role reversal, is playing the role of the other city that is tempting the team to move away.

I like this young roster and believe in their future but this is going to be a year in the trenches.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Atlanta Hawks Preview

The Hawks were perhaps the best 38-44 team in the History of the NBA. Keep in mind, they were without their star center (Horford) for the majority of the season and were 25-21 on February 1st. That was followed by a period during which, how do I put this delicately, their incentives were confused and they went 6-20 culminating in a 31-41 record on March 29th. They then decided to make the playoffs going 6-2 over the final stretch and almost took out the one seed in round 1.

The Hawks were way better than their record last year.


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Miami Heat Preview

Lebron has taken his talents back to Cleveland. There is absolutely no way that this is not the headline for the Heat heading into this upcoming season. Lebron is quite simply the best all around player in the NBA, particularly if consider durability, which quickly discounts Durant and Chris Paul. He's unarguably an all time top 30 player in his prime and the history of what happens to teams that lose transcendent superstars like him is generally a cautionary tale.

The Heat however can point to a particular example and hope. In 1993, for some reason that I won't speculate on (what are the odds?) , Michael Jordan decided to go play baseball and retire. The Bulls were able to overcome losing the best player of his generation in his prime thru a combination of great coaching (Phil Jackson) , savvy acquisitions (Kukoc and Kerr) and just happening to have another two all time greats on their roster in their primes (Pippen and Grant) and only lose 2 wins from their regular season record.  Can the Heat replicate this success? I'm thinking Pat Riley hopes so. 


BoxScore Geeks' 2014 Washington Wizards Preview

Last season, the Wizards posted their first winning record since 2008 and won their third playoff series as a franchise since Wes Unseld last took them to the NBA Finals in the 1978-79 season. They made a series of off-season moves that looked to have them poised to hit fifty wins for the first time since the Carter administration. However, a series of injuries at the wing are threatening to derail that.