The BoxScore Geek 2014 Portfolio Final Report

Well, that was a disastrous evening of basketball.

In October, I went to Vegas. Check out the details here. Next week, I'll go back to Vegas to cash out my bet tickets. Here's what I'll be cashing out.


Zach Lowe on 2-for-1 Battles

Zach Lowe makes an excellent point:

Doesn’t it seem like we’re seeing more instances in which teams race each other for the best 2-for-1 chance? One team will score with 36 seconds left in the quarter, confident it has nailed the 2-for-1, only to watch the opponent race down and score in five or six seconds — shifting the final 2-for-1 edge back their way.

The second team in that scenario faces an interesting risk-reward decision — one I’d love for some academic with awesome data-scraping skills to study: nabbing the final 2-for-1 is great, but sprinting for the first shot inevitably results in some godawful looks.


The BoxScore Geek 2014 Portfolio's Really Penultimate Report

And it all comes down to two games.


The Boxscore Geeks Show: the Worst Preseason Bet

The Playoffs, the MVPs, preseason bets, and a ton of tangents! Join Dre, Patrick, and Brian on another #BSGShow.


Portfolio Mini-Update: Sacramento Bows Out

Last night, Sacramento's ineptitude reached its climax, and that changed things a bit. The Southwest title race remains complicated.