Reminder: enter the BSG/WoW NBA Playoff Prediction Contest!

The contest closes in a few hours, so of course that means that it's time for a reminder! Over 140 people have entered the contest so far, and they don't want you to enter so they can have a better chance of winning. Learn 'em a thing or two by filling out the form!

If you click through, I also have a summary of last year's results...I might even have some graphs. Maybe. You'll have to click to find out.


The Boxscore Geeks Show: Playoffs!

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The 2014 NBA Playoff Primer

We break out the toolbox to give you our annual playoff blowout. The final answer looks eerily familiar.

(June 5, 2013. Source: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images North America)


The BSG/WoW 2014 NBA Playoff Prediction Contest

Want to participate in the Boxscore Geeks / Wages of Wins playoff prediction contest? Select the team that you think will win each matchup and predict the correct number of games, and you could win*!

*See inside for details (I've always wanted to write that!)


2 Games, $1400

I thought I was done writing about Vegas, but a funny thing happened. Two season-long over-under bets have come down to each team's final game of the season (and, for the record, it doesn't look good for me in either game):

Game 1: Indiana vs. Orlando