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The Boxscore Geeks Show: Rose's Injury and Kobe's Contract

Derrick Rose's Injury

Devin already discussed the impact of losing Rose.

We're okay with the Bulls trading Deng and Boozer, we're not the only ones.

The key to the Bulls success is Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah. As long as they keep these players, there's no need to tank.

Kobe's Contract

In terms of posting, we changed up the order. We recorded the podcast before Arturo wrote his amazing Kobe piece. We then posted Arturo's piece first. Regardless, Arturo's Kobe piece sums this up perfectly. That's right, it was so nice, I said it twice!

Cap wise, the Lakers are destroyed. In fact, even the cap expert agrees!

When it comes to Kobe "cheating" via his Germany trips, Patrick says it best: "I'm a huge fan of better living through chemistry and science."

The Blazers and the Grizzlies

Arturo's power rankings show the Blazers as contenders, and the Grizzlies and Pelicans on the rise. Is this for real?

Why the heck is LaMarcus Aldridge getting any credit for this success? Batum and Matthews are the workhorses behind this team! Check it out!

Turns out the Grizzlies are doing ok, even with injuries. Mainly because they have some good backups in Kosta Koufos and Ed Davis. Arturo says they should worry about the Spurs, but then again, who shouldn't?

That's Our Show!

That's our show! As always, thanks to Brian Foster for hosting. If you like it please subscribe to our channel. If you have suggestions for the show:

See you next time!

Used to watch these religiously, but this is the first-time in a while I've watched a whole show.

Patrick struck GOLD on the Pacers. They do NOT get called for fouls when defending the drive, teams get tired of it, and resort to perimeter shooting.
I agree that LMA is overrated, but I think he has value to POR that the WP stat will struggle to capture. One of the reasons players like Matthews and Batum can shoot so well from 3 is the quality of the looks they're getting. At the least, the perception LMA is the Blazers best offensive player helps draw defensive attention away from the shooters. In the same way I feel Melo had more offensive impact on the Knicks last year than WP accounts for, because part of the reason they could shoot 3s so well is his place on the team.

In general volume is vastly overrated compared to efficiency, but I think high volume/average efficiency still can be valuable, because it frees pressure from teammates. Utah this season is an example of a team who (imo) could use a player with a high volume, average efficiency combination. Both because they have many players using possessions at a below average rate and because it'd allow their best offensive players like Hayward to be more open and efficient.
Loved this whole show. Best podcast yet. I can't believe you can finally listen to an hour of rational talk about basketball without mentioning some player who "really wanted it more". Please stick it on iTunes.

Arturo, thank you for bringing up sleeved jerseys! I didn't even think of the EPL: every other major American sport has publicly wearable jerseys.

I brought up predictions a few posts ago. I'll revise: don't stop making predictions. All the talk around evaluation of past predictions is a waste of time to me. If you approach it the right way, it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong.

Lastly, fuck the time limit.
Loved the show. Your articles are great but during the show you brought up some pertinent points that sometimes seems to get left out of the articles such as defense and how fouls are being called. Please keep doing all the great work! Is there any particular time that these will come out?
Nice show gentlemen
Good to hear some grizzlies thoughts
Sleeved jerseys suck though

haiku aside, what the hell is going on with ed davis this year?? i too am hoping his increased minutes will get him back into form, but in most games i've seen this year, davis' minutes have corresponded to significant runs by the other team. he really has been a disaster so far (WP48 JUST made it back to .1 after being below .05 most of the year), so it's not like it's a mystery why his minutes haven't been there yet.
My thoughts on time limits:
Yes, please turn into a podcast on iTunes. Would love to be able to listen to you guys on a regular basis.

Two questions.
Can you see Beasley becoming a good player and getting out of his bustiful career?

Beasley was the highest rated player coming out of your draft database I think so why hasn't he been able to rebound(one thing thats suppose to be consistent)?
Coxygen and Matt,

We've submitted to iTunes for review, we'll upload all shows there going forward.

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