Who's had the best game of the season so far?

Which players have had the best games of the season so far?

This should be pretty easy to guess, right? All we have to do is take a look at a list of the most productive players and most of those players will probably show up in a list of the top performances, too. Because the best players tend to have the best games.

But the truth is, while we have an idea of the average productivity of NBA players, individual performances are highly variable. Even good players have bad games, and bad players can have an amazing game every once and a while. The players on the list of the best games of the season may surprise you:

Rank Player Date Opponent PoP PoP48
1 James Anderson  11/13/2013 HOU 20.8 22.64
2 Arron Afflalo  11/13/2013 MIL 20.1 24.13
3 Michael Carter-Williams  10/30/2013 MIA 19.2 25.59
4 Nikola Vucevic  11/06/2013 LAC 18.8 23.77
5 Dwight Howard  10/30/2013 CHA 18.3 25.84
6 Anthony Davis  11/02/2013 CHA 18.2 24.29
7 Zach Randolph  11/18/2013 LAC 18.1 24.07
8 Serge Ibaka  11/16/2013 MIL 17.6 25.52
9 Jordan Hill  11/13/2013 DEN 17.5 27.96
10 Kevin Love  11/01/2013 OKC 16.9 28.93
11 Paul George  11/05/2013 DET 16.8 20.1
12 Travis Outlaw  11/02/2013 GSW 16.5 30.48
13 Jordan Hill  11/17/2013 DET 16.5 22.57
14 Vitor Faverani  11/01/2013 MIL 16.3 21.19
15 Nikola Pekovic  11/16/2013 BOS 16.3 26.09
16 Derrick Favors  11/15/2013 SAS 16.1 21.44
17 Klay Thompson  10/30/2013 LAL 15.7 24.29
18 Anthony Davis  11/13/2013 UTH 15.5 21.31
19 Paul Millsap  11/05/2013 SAC 15.5 22.54
20 Kevin Martin  11/03/2013 NYK 15.2 20.9
Note: table does not include games from November 19th.

On this list of the 20 best performances of the season so far, we have:

  • A player -- James Anderson (#1!), one of my candidates for Most Improved Player (another story for another day) -- who had only played 1290 NBA minutes prior to this season.
  • Two rookies, Michael Carter-Williams (at #3!) and Vitor Faverani (#14)
  • Two repeat appearances: Anthony Davis (#6 and #18), and Jordan Hill (#9 and #13).
  • Appearances from bench players: Jordan Hill has started only 4 of 12 games so far, and Travis Outlaw (#12) hasn't started any.
  • Appearances from players who are typically average to below average (Martin at #20, Thompson at #17, Outlaw, and Afflalo at #2).
  • Kevin Love (#10), who is bouncing back from an injury-plagued season.
  • Games against excellent teams, good teams, mediocre teams, and bad teams.

All told, only 7 of the top 20 most productive players on the season are on this list. As the season goes along, expect there to be even more surprise additions to this list.

Awesome article...Any possibility of this type of thing becoming searchable someday? Just a geek dreaming.
Where the F is Chris Paul performance on October 31st !?

42PTS, 12-20 FG, 2-6 3-pt, 16-17 FT, 1 ORB, 1 DRB, 15 AST, 6 TO, 6 STL, 4 PF, 37 MIN

It's the best perfomance according to Shaller's TPR - which he uses to beat Vegas projections each year, unlike you :) - and it's not even in your top 20 !?
Yeah TPR is pretty interesting. I am actually trying to incorporate it into my fantasy league.
Chris Paul's absence is weird; also now that you say that I notice there is only one game by a point guard on the list...that's interesting. I guess one factor might be that when a point guard "blows up" he will often rack up a fair number of turnovers (like CP3 did in that game).
nickbasketa, u are right till now:

*RMSE Schaller 6,93
RMSE BoxscoreGeek 9,86

I have made in comparison to independent teamrankings season projection. Ofc they could be wrong as others, but i think fair enough...

Biggest margin to projection in BoxscoreGeeks are Indiana (20 wins), Portland (20) and ofc Utah (24). Many more above 10 like Houston, Golden S, Memphis, Minny, Lakers, Detroit.

Biggest in Schaller: Nets (17), Cavs (16), circa 10 differential on Buls, GS, Knicks, Portland and Utah.

Vegas should miss Nets by 15 and Knicks by 13, others above 10: Cavs, Portland, Charlotte and Phoenix.

Only two teams are missed a lot (more than 10) by three above: Cavs in minus, Blazers in plus.

*(RMSE root-mean-square error)

It does not mean than Geeks not win on their lines at vegas ofc but their overall prediction seems a little too optimistic tough ;)

Are you seriously comparing pre-season projections to another projection based on a 10 game sample !?

Just check this article and you'll learn who did (way) better than the other(s) last year : http://weaksideawareness.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/checking-2012-13-nba-win-predictions-projections/

So until WoW (or whatever they call themseves now) beat Shaller/Vegas, their WP will always be less relevant than stats like TPR or PER
And the expert predictor per of mephisvis performing poorly so far :)

It's my compatriot site ;) Well known tough :) Easy nick - statistics after 10 matches see some plus/minus in teams, which you can disagree. It as rather 11+ games ;) . Check even the "bad" model from Geeks, now the projections are similar. For any purpose you can check any model and compare the result why not ?! Based on Geek proj:
RMSE Geek 9,89
RMSE Schaller 7,585

PS. Unfortunately Hollinger as a Memphis staff now, did not offically published his proj. Only reliable source in couple of years to beat books lines (especially those which were way off)

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