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Updated visual guide for the NBA season to date (12/19/2013)

As I prep for the Rankings, I updated the visual guide illustrating each team's schedule and pace adjusted Point Margin, offense and defense per 100 possesions. All data in this post is through 12/19/2013.

You'll note I made some upgrades. Please, keep those comments coming.

Season Ratings

Adjusted Win% vs Actual Win%


As before, consider this a continuing proof of concept of some of the tools that I'm building. Thoughtful discussion and criticism is welcomed, but please send all flames to dev null.



Shouldn't the line separating lucky and unlucky cross through the same values on each axis (i.e. it's slope should be 45 degrees) or is there something I don't understand about adjusted W/L%?

Keep up the good work, I've been reading your posts for years. The new site is pretty slick.
Hey guys, there is something wrong with the expected records (Pythagorean estimate) for each of the team pages. All teams are being presented with 0-.

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