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The Updated Visual Guide as of 01/08/2014

Hey all, I'm back. You'll be glad to know that my absense was because I was working on a final submission for a paper for the MIT Sloan Analytics Conference. If all goes well you'll see it by conference time. If it doesn't, you'll likely see it on this very website.

As always when I prep for the Rankings, I updated the visual guide illustrating each team's schedule and pace adjusted Point Margin, offense and defense per 100 possesions. All data in this post is through 01/08/2014.

You'll note I made some upgrades. Please, keep those comments coming.

Season Ratings

Adjusted Win% vs Actual Win%



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Strength of Schedule

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As before, consider this a continuing proof of concept of some of the tools that I'm building. Thoughtful discussion and criticism is welcomed, but please send all flames to dev null.



Awesome work but I can't help but wish that the logos were smaller, both because figuring out the positions would be more precise and because some logos are covered up. It looks a bit messy tbh.
Are the ncaa and dleague wp post coming?
Great to see the work! Good luck on your paper.
There you go. Hope that works better.
Arturo, these are really cool. I like the addition of the SOS and I think the smaller icons was helpful. I am also glad to hear you made a submission to SSAC, I am looking forward to reading it. I hope that you finishing the paper will mean more frequent posts on this site--I think you are putting out some of the best basketball content on the web and I am looking forward to more.

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