The BSG/WoW 2014 NBA Playoff Prediction Contest

Want to participate in the Boxscore Geeks / Wages of Wins playoff prediction contest? Select the team that you think will win each matchup and predict the correct number of games, and you could win*!

*Editor's note: At the moment there is no prize; this is just for fun and bragging rights.

Scoring for the contest is as follows:

  • 5 points for selecting the correct team.
  • 2 points for selecting the correct number of games (only awarded if the correct team was selected).

This scoring system originated with TrueHoop’s Stat Geek Smackdown.

The form below is for all first round matchups, and whether you enter the contest here at WoW or over at BSG, the form is the same (so no need to enter at both sites!). Keep checking back, because not only will we be posting forms for subsequent rounds, but we’ll also be posting about the results. Please remember the name/username you used with the form, as we’ll be using it to identify top performers. If you want to change your picks, remember to use the same user name – we’ll take the most recent answer.

And special bonus instruction for people who don't like to read instructions (no, I'm not being sarcastic): when you make your picks on the form, you must select an option for all teams, even the ones that you think will lose. So make sure that every team has a response!

This form will close at 12:30pm ET on Saturday, April 19th, 2014, so get your picks in before then!

You might want to clarify that users need to select won't win for the team they think won't win. I noticed the error message but others might just submit and go to another page.
I think the best bet for Pacers-Hawks is that they both lose.

There are in fact TWO warnings about this issue – right after each of the conference headings. I can't embolden them to make them stand out, but instead I have separated the sentences. Hopefully that makes it even more clear.
The same issue came up with last year's contest. At that time I wondered whether you could just have made a form with eight columns and one row per series.

Thanks for the response, I guess it is user error when I didn't fully read the form. Of course, I did mostly take the directions from your actual content piece that precedes the form and by the time I got down to the selections piece I was just ready to pick... perhaps an edit to the actual content above the form that all of us actually fully read?
Also, I agree with Nate, not sure why selecting one team in 5 games shouldn't automatically select "won't win" for the other team. Or just have an option to pick a team and an option for number of games in one line.
well i made some solid picks but couldn't prevent myself from picking grizz in 7. my unofficial non-homer pick would be okc in 6.

anyway to hide the email addresses from the responses?

The reason the form is the way it is is that it makes it easier to automate the scores. I went through a couple of designs last year before settling on this one – it's quite possible that there's a better one out there that I didn't try –and since it was already lying around, there was no reason to spend extra time on it. Besides, we were all impressed with last year's results.


Unfortunately the answer is no. This same issue came up last year as well. If you really don't want people seeing your email address, I'd suggest you create an email account specifically for this contest.

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