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The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Worst Plumlee

We discuss the crazy trades, which include Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler, and Dwight Howard. We also talk the NBA draft and some of the NBA Award.



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Show Notes

Vince Carter said he'd be happy to join the Warriors. Me too!

We introduce a new segment "Andrew was right," or as Andrew recommended: "Andrew Should have Put some Money Down on That."

Andrew's current prediction the Rockets finish 2nd in the NBA next season.

Michael Eaves claims Chris Paul left over Doc Rivers' nepotism, which may have kept the Clippers from Melo.

We talk if Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are overhyped in this offseason.

Andrew uses Boiler Room advice for NBA GMs.

The Jimmy Butler trade was horrible for the Bulls.

Patrick thinks the Wolves may keep Rubio, not out of intelligence, because Rubio may be trade proof.

We bring up ESPN 30 for 30's Broke in commenting on Lonzo Ball's dad and other relationships for NBA rookies.

We talk the NBA Awards, really the 6th man of the Year Award was stupid, but it usually is.

Voters have weird reasons for how they vote anyway.

We briefly note that the controversy around LaMelo Ball using the n-word on WWE Raw, it's odd given the WWE's own very recent history of racism.

Another great show. I love your site because it's data driven and I think there are times we could drill down more. What are the Rockets' weaknesses and what does Paul bring (i.e., fg%/turnovers)? Re: SAS, I ran across an interview David Robinson did with Goldman Sachs. He regards the Naval Academy as a leadership academy and talked about the need to change the culture in San Antonio when he arrived. Interesting stuff. The point about Wiggins is spot on, he's the albatross around the TWolves neck. They do have some depth, Tyus Jones deserves more playing time. The comparison to the Barnes situation is also apt, you could also throw in Austin Rivers as a comparison; you can't take a franchise seriously if they're throwing 2,000+ minutes at a nonproductive/negative producer.
I kinda agree with signing experienced/proven veteran players, but think that can backfire. Teams can hold onto players too long, too. Pat Riley has been notorious for signing and playing only veterans and his squads have been largely feast or famine. Cleveland is in a similar situation. They're a middling franchise now loaded with aging players. SAS (again!) has done a great job of blending youth with age. As far as Noel goes, it will be interesting to see if the 76ers ended up dealing away their best player.
We'll have to see what the Rockets roster ends up looking like since there are so many open spots right now, but their big challenge is going to be filling out their front court depth which the amount of money they already have committed to guards.

They have Capella on his rookie contract for one more year which is amazing value, but that's about it - I sadly don't count on Ryan Anderson as being reliably healthy anymore. If they can't bring Nene back they'll need to find some other bigs.

Considering the price of Paul George, I'd rather just stand pat with Ariza.
The player statistics entry for Rajon Rondo is hosed
There are now more point guards on the market than starting roster spots. Some GM is about to look like a genius.
Durant took a major pay cut so Warriors can sign Nick Young. Only in America!
Nick Dumb is going to get himself a ring! Lucky boy. I was rooting for Jamal Crawford to get the slot as GSW's bench chucker because he's a classy guy.
I believe the Warriors used their midlevel exception to sign Young, which they could have done regardless of Durant's salary. Durant is taking less just to save Joe Lacob luxury tax dollars (now and in the future).
When your roster has so much talent the temptation for memes is too strong. Draymond and Durant helped recruit him!
I don't know what GS' front office was thinking to make them want to spend their MLE on a wing instead of a big.

That being said Nick Young has actually been improving the past couple years. If they can build on last year's Nick Young, if he keeps playing acceptable defense and mostly playing catch and shoot from 3 on offense, he could be useful.

But why? The Warriors have that guy several times over. Where are the goons to suck up regular season minutes at center?
I love SwagyP as an entertainer, but dear God, he had his single best season last year, and he was still below average. He's a shooting guard with poor shooting statistics and zero peripheral contributions other than Twitter memes.
Don't see the big deal. Below average player signs for below average contract. Meh. And you know, beyond the Big 3 (and I guess Iggy, who has improved, they don't have a lot of other shooters so picking up him and Casspi seems OK).

BTW, you don't seem to have an entry for Giorgios Papagiannis (sp?). I'm curious if he was any good last season - he shot a decent percentage and had a decent rebound rate. If Sacto gets some production out of their young Bigs, I wonder if they might be decent next season (OK, they're in the west, I know, but still).
Whew, where have you gone Jerry West? GSW did a pretty good job of shoring up their frontcourt needs with Pachulia, McGee and Bell. Signing Young is a head scratcher. They don't need more points, they've been stellar at defending the perimeter per dfg%, but near the bottom of the league in 2nd chance/PITP. I'd attribute that more to poor perimeter help-and-recover than to "rim protectors". 32yo Nick Young doesn't address that need. And can we operationalize "big three"? Does GSW have a big three, and have the LAC ever had one?
GSW? Sure Curry, Durand and Iguodala all should be First Ballot Hall of Famers.
Clippers? No, not really Blake and Redick are both pretty meh in my opinion.
Durant should be First Ballot Hall of Stupidity as well.
Nick Young and Twitter Memes as his only peripheral contributions is pretty darn funny!

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