The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Anti-Towns

Dre, Patrick, and Brian talk the possibility of Kyrie Irving on the Timberwolves, Pokemon Go, and Game of Thrones. Tune in!



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Video Show

Sorry, no show notes. It's already Friday and I'm clearly behind! Tune in for Kyrie Irving, the Wolves, Melo, Pokemon GO, and Game of Thrones. We talk a lot more too, so you'll just have to listen to hear what!


Sadly, I believe Summer is also dead in the "hold the door" scene. Ghost is still alive, and mostly not shown for budget reasons.
The TWolves look pretty good on paper. If Teague can maintain and Wiggins cuts his fga's (19?); or maybe they can trade him back to Cleveland. Tyus Jones looks like a keeper. They'll still have a tough row to hoe, the WC is a murderer's row. You gotta love the Jimmy Butler addition but why are players avoiding the EC? Is it the weather?
I know Minnesota doesn't apply to the last comment, just sayin'.

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