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The Boxscore Geeks Show: It's a Wonderful Life

We talk "Game Changers", MVPs, "It's a Wonderful Life", and DeMarcus Cousins. Tune in!



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Show Notes

Sorry, didn't have time for notes this week! You'll just have to tune in to hear our thoughts!

Love the show and love your work. I stumbled across the Utah bit because I like to look at minute allocation. To date, MIA giving ~2500m to negative producers and Phoenix ~2300! And there are some some bad teams out there with coaches that are doing a pretty good job with minutes.
It's funny this talk of DeRozan as if his season has collapsed, but after a slump and some regression, he played a week or more of really good basketball, scoring a lot and efficiently. His rebounds and assists are at career highs too. But then so are his turnovers. On the whole, I see a lot of signs of a lot more control going into his game, making better decisions. He may actually maintain his current WP48.
derozan's a good player he's just overhyped

rudy gobert saying he's the best center in the league i love it when the ones who say those things are really good players.
It is Lebron's MVP to lose. Not only does he win it be default because his name is Lebron James, his WP48 is trending upwards, meaning he'll likely peak when everyone is paying the most attention while CP3 will be regressing towards the mean. James was in the .200s a couple weeks ago and tied with Kevin Love and now he is .320 and in the top 10 again.
The jazz gave up on Trevor booker and are now giving minutes to diaw and lyles. Ouch. It'll get better when favors is full strength. I don't understand why any team strays from Pop's method of giving young guys minimal minutes and allowing them to earn more, over years. The minutes given to Lyles and Exum show a lack of understanding in how to manage a basketball team. Diaw should retire.
You could argue that the league is star-driven if the conversation strictly centers around winning a title. Another common thread among the successful teams is that they have few, if any, stiffs on their rosters. The Raptors don't have a player on their roster that would scare anyone but they're solid from top to bottom. It's hard to give the yay points!/eye-test crowd credit for builds like those. And I don't get the Cavs giving 3 guys a day off with Toronto half a game back and having a better road record. Could they be giving ECF home court away?
I'll admit I'm a rockets fan (fanatic = not logical), but I don't agree when you guys say the Clippers are clearly better. Your evidence was that they rockets 10 game win streak only included 3 quality teams and mostly close wins. But the Rockets (at the time of the podcast) had an identical record and a tougher strength of schedule overall. Doesn't that mean you guys are cherry picking your sample to back up your hypothesis?
The rockets and clippers have nearly identical srs so i can't tell which team is truly better.

The question of why do the Cavs seem like giving away homecourt for ECF comes down to these questions:

1. Is the Toronto defense strong enough to neutralize lebron in the playoffs?

2. Who in Toronto is going to prevent Thompson and love from dominating the boards?

3. Let us say that raptors hot shooting continues throughout the season but when it comes to free throws which team will get more favorable calls from the refs?
I think it really depends on which form of Jared Sullinger the Raptors get when he finally gets on the court.
whenever the wolves are discussed i always hear "we cant say that love-wiggins trade is more beneficial for cleveland" in fact i remember a twitter user said "love is playing his most efficient basketball because of lebron" well let's see 1st of all that's not an argument against love since almost everyone becomes really efficient with lebron, 2nd even without lebron love had a true shooting of 56.6 which is above average unlike for example wiggins he isnt efficient even with a very good passer like rubio, 3rd sure he had a bad finals last season but he was very good throughout the playoffs unlike wiggins who havent had a good season yet, this has been always fascinating for me love and wiggins are both marginal defenders and yet just because a player can jump from the free throw line all his other faults are glossed over as long as he provides highlight reel but if you have someone who isnt as "exciting" no matter how good his fundamentals are very few appreciate him.
Can anyone explain to me what the heck BJ Armstrong and Donatas Montajeunas are thinking? Am I missing something, or did they just flush at LEAST $7million down the toilet? and maybe up to 30 million . . .

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