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Patrick and Brian are back to talk the NBA offseason.



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Patrick and Brian talk about NBA free agency and how some teams have squandered their good fortunes. Tune in! Here are some cheat sheets for NBA Free Agency Tracking:

Basketball References' NBA Free Agents

SB Nation's Free Agents

ESPN's Free Agents

Celtics only lost Bradley. Crowder is still there.
looking at some of the moves made im quite surprised that spurs let go of dedmon while getting gay and to me now that aldridge isnt as good as hyped and gasol declining someone like dedmon would be good to have as a backup(maybe even a starter) for a couple more years.

i also am curious about your thoughts on arturo's earlier tweets that:

1. if blake griffin held the ball more and not just be a pick n pop he would be a point big and therefore become mvp level or close to it.

2. with teams attempting more 3 point shots an elite mid range player like chris paul would warp defenses thus making something like moreyball even harder to stop.

do u agree with these?
Folks continue to mention the Cavs in the same breath as the Warriors, Spurs and Rockets. The numbers suggest otherwise. The 51 win Jazz and Clippers might have been better clubs as well given the strength of the Western Conference.
1. I think the Spurs are running into the same wall as other teams now. They used to be able to scout internationally with little competition. Now most teams are in on it. They are running out of ways to try to find market inefficiencies. Maybe they think taking a flyer on Gay is one of those?

2. Concerning the Young signing: end of the bench guys can be now part of that 2 way contract scheme. So his signing doesn't really conflict with that. It is just ownership paying more money.
Spurs are simply not as good as most people on this site think. There were numerous opportunities this summer to strengthen the team: Butler, Hill, Faried, Black, Nwaba, Collison, Sefolosha, Dedmon, Bullock, Muscala, Roberson, Casspi, Rubio. Spurs suck, they just suck less than other 29 teams.
Clippers were actually in good position after Paul sign and trade in my opinion. Jordan is one of the very best players, Beverly is very good player on cheap contract (2yr/11mn remaining), Harrell is also very good and still on rookie contract (1yr/1.5mn remaining), Dekker is decent, young wing on rookie contract (3yr/8.5mn remaining) and Williams is solid rotation player on short and fair contract. Basically they solved depth and cap issues in single move and gained a draft pick. If they moved on from Griffin and used that money to sign Hill (3yr/57mn), Roberson (3y/30mn), Casspi (1yr/ 2.1mn) and Muscala (2yr/10mn or pretty much any combination of the guys mentioned in post above) they would have both solid play-off team and flexibility. On top of it pretty much every player on the team would be good 3pt shooter and/or fearsome defender.
Clippers being Clippers went instead for Mr. Bean impersonation.
There's a rumor that Javale McGee is hesitant to re-sign for the minimum because they didn't offer him that 5.2 million or a chance to compete for the starting job. It's stupid of them to be in that situation over Nick Young, one of the worst players in the league, they should have paid McGee.
I was imagining a lineup of kawhi-green-hill-dedmon but instead it became gay and Aldridge I must say if this Spurs team manages to win 55 games up then pop is truly a genius.

Maybe the warriors think that their best 6 (from Arturo's had bake notion) is the best in the league so they can afford to have unproductive players at the end of the bench.

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