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The 2014-5 Boxscore Geeks Season Preview Index

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so."

-Douglas Adams, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Hello! I hope you have been enjoying the 2014-15 Boxscore Geeks NBA season so far. We aren't quite done yet (as of 5 PM E.S.T on 10/28/2014 25 of 30 previews are in the can). Expect the final few to be coming tomorrow.

You've probably noticed that we've been mission-focused on getting out all the previews in a very short amount of time.

There is something to be said, however, for being able to easily look back and find everything in one place in the future. Case in point, here are all the win projections we used for our team season previews in one handy dandy chart:

Oh, and here's a version done after the Steve Nash Injury:

Now, don't panic. An explanation of the method used is in the queue and forthcoming in the next few days (after our very strenous peer review is done).

Additionally, here's a link to all thirty of our reviews that are either up or will be up in the next 48 hours.

In the interim you might be interested in viewing some of the innovative tools we built as part of doing our season previews as you tick off the minutes to tip-off.

First, we have an interactive chart showing who each team was last season using the Game Based Wins Produced metric, which is at the core of our previews:

Learn About Tableau

San Antonio was pretty darn awesome last year.

Second, we have an interactive chart that shows who is on each team for this season, and their numbers from last season (again using Game Based Wins Produced):

Learn About Tableau
Learn About Tableau

Milwaukee versus Philadelphia: a tank off for the ages!

Finally, we put together an interactive chart using the same metric for the 2014 preseason to give us some indication of how players are actually performing so far this year. For Example:

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Napier, Noel and Kyle Anderson are our best rookies so far. Another example:

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Golden State looks good.

That should be good enough to tide you over until the games get started, right? If not feel free to pull up a chair, read a preview or play with any of the interactive charts. Feel free to share any fun views in the comments below.



The Chicago Bulls won 48 games last year. I don't see how they win fewer games after adding Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, Doug McDermott, and Nikola Mirotic without losing anyone significant.
Also, Dallas won 49 games last year and added Tyson Chandler, Chandler Parsons, and Jameer Nelson. I don't get the 43 wins projection.

I guess I need to see the minutes played projections. I think it's likely Ray Felton will be their third or fourth string point guard but I'm not sure if that has an impact.

Unlike you, I guess we think it actually matters that they lost Shawn Marion and Jose Calderon.
Loving the new tools and the ranged estimates for O/Us this year. Now we can actually watch the games! Should be fun.
Well no, I considered that too. Wouldn't swapping Marion and Calderon for Parsons and Chandler essentially cancel out?

I think it would be more accurate to say we disagree on the value of Dalembert and Nelson. But then they added Aminu as well. Crowder could live up to his college production.

I just don't see a 43 win team there. They could be worse than before but not that much worse.
A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

I don't believe it. Prove it to me and I still won't believe it.

It is a rare mind indeed that can render the hitherto non-existent blindingly obvious. The cry 'I could have thought of that' is a very popular and misleading one, for the fact is that they didn't, and a very significant and revealing fact it is too.

Sorry for the quote barrage but Douglas Adams remains (in my opinion) the easiest to quote man in history. I loved seeing an Adams quote to start this off. Kind of a useless post on my part so feel free to delete moderators!
You sir are not getting deleted.
Very cool new toys, guys, thanks!

Will you be doing the pick-how-many-wins-each-team-gets contest again this year?
Easy to read. Thanks.

Stray note that I assume you've already covered in your analysis, but jumps out to me. Is it actually possible to have that few wins in the Eastern Conference, just given how often those teams play one another?
Wow. The East look historically bad.
And will Patrick be making any bets this year?!
Upon closer inspection, this is still too generous for the Lakers. Byron Scott is running the anti-WP offense. You might have to rewrite the chapter on the effects of coaching on a team after this season.

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