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Livecasting the Draft Tonight!

Livecasting the NBA Draft

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Tune in here! We'll be livecasting the NBA draft right here. I'll add a YouTube invite when we have that ready. Until then, we have an interview with Dave Berri (@wagesofwins) about the draft. Enjoy!


Dave's piece in the Atlantic on the Draft

Dave's work on modeling the draft (recapped by Dre)

Dre's argument with Cuban over Kaman

Team Defense from Ty Willinghanz

Great Draft Podcast from Short Corner Podcast

Intro Music was "Test Drive" by Zapac

Outro Music was a "Best Night of Your Life" remix from Aziz Ansari

I agree with Dave about the grading picks. I look at the draft like scratch off tickets in that the more you get the better the chances of profiting. Keep trading down guys!
"A guy who can go out and just get a bucket" is not something you want to hear about any of your team's draft picks. That's the Monta Ellis/Ben Gordon/Kobe Bryant descriptor.
Not true Arturo! You can sign a guy to a 4 year deal, with only a SINGLE year guarantee.

Sweeten the pot with a guarantee the second year to some figure (e.g. $250K) and you get a guy for four years AT THE MINIMUM!

Nothing is better than that! NBA GMs are just plain dumb when it comes to contracts.
Sorry, 4 year deal with NOTHING guaranteed. The player has to agree though, of course!
Does anyone know about the Raptor's pick?

"The Spurs keep getting richer." Or is it "the rich keep getting richer?" Meh, either way, same thing.

Kyle Anderson was a great pick. Steal of the draft along w/ Capela. LeBron needs to dip.
Grades! We demand grades! Outfit grades! Trade Grades! Grades of other writers grades!
John Hollinger is either reading this blog, or he uses a very, very similar methodology. Griz end up with Stokes and Adams, on top of Franklin last year - all huge boxscoregeeks darlings. I hope you guys are right...
Note on Kyle Anderson is that he has been forced at times to play big but likes the ball in his hands. Goes back to even high school at St. Anthony's, where he played center on defense and point on offense.
20 second rounders with stashing players overseas is possible if you have complete control over your dleague roster and have players on the parent roster.
Also to something that All-High School team...sadly the best point was Shaun Livingston. Points to randomness of injury and value of guards (with him a kobe). Backcourt bias at its finest.
Had to miss it last night... I'm not really sure if I'm going to listen to a "live blog" when it isn't live but I'm sure you guys had some great stuff! The download link is connected to your previous podcast by the way.
I love the Spurs getting Kyle Anderson with the 30th pick. I could not call him one of the draft's top 5 prospects. He'll probably never be a superstar -- in my amateur opinion -- but he looks like a skilled big who can contribute quality minutes off the bench as soon as next summer. At 20, he should improve dramatically over the course of his rookie contract, especially in the Spurs' system where 80% of young players improve. I have no idea why the Spurs traded picks 58 & 60 for Nemanja Dangubic, a 21-year-old SG playing in Serbia. Probably the Spurs' Euro scouts know more than the rest of us, so I'll just wait and see. Dangubic is surely 2-3 years away from the bigtime, no?
I missed it too but was watching the draft at a bar so I ended up watching a not so live live cast. Enjoyed it but ESPN had so great entertainment moments. ESPN is basically a comment section in that you know if you can get much information from but you might be entertained.
Not liking Dangubic's numbers but in regarding to Anderson, you remember who was 6-9, could handle the ball, good passer, and was particularly known as a great athlete? Now that would be dumb for me to say he WILL be Magic but in this time with the highlight era, a guy like Magic would be undervalued. I could hear the doubters.

"Johnson has great size at 6-9, great court vision, but how will he guard point guards in this league or point guard?" -insert analyst

Just be careful looking at a scouting video and saying no. If a guy doesn't jump of the screen or his numbers suck (not in this case with Kyle Anderson), don't worry it's just a scratch off ticket. Scouts pretty much start the pipeline for guys to get draft with high school hype and thats not reliable. Btw, Anderson was the 3 ranked guy out of high school behind Nerlens Noel and Shabazz Muhammad so he could be great or not.
I still wish that the Spurs picked up Khem Birch. Maybe we can get him in undrafted free agency. Dangubic's stats in the Adriatic League don't really impress - can't shoot three's, lots of turnovers, not an excellent combination for a SG.

As I said, I loved the KA pick at 30. I would have taken him at 25, 26, etc. I agree those picks are analogous to scratch off tickets in some ways. If KA is anywhere close to Magic Johnson, then the Spurs won the mega powerball. Realistically, I think he'll spend some time on the Austin Torros and then contribute off the Spurs' bench. He could even develop into a starter ~2.5 years from now.
I was really disappointed the Celtics didn't take Anderson at 17. I was hoping for Embiid/Anderson, though I knew Embiid wasn't likely to drop that far. Happy with the Smart pick, but Young is pretty uninteresting. And Anderson was projected to go around 17 in the mock drafts, too! Grrr
Are we getting a written draft review with grades :) I'm sure I'm not the only one waiting for that...
Same here.
Soon :-)
Andres, where are you moving in Wisconsin? Will you adopt the Bucks as a second favorite team?

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