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Introducing the Boxscore Geeks Show!

What would the Boxscore Geeks be without its own show? Brian Foster, a fellow geek, approached us about producing a show, and we can't thank Brian enough! Enjoy our pilot episode. Join us as we talk sports using the cold hard stats. With a producer, we're able to make sure you follow with the stats right there! A goal is to be able to do this live. If we get 100+ subscribers, we'll be able to do future shows live. So watch the show, subscribe, and if you have subjects you'd love to have us talk about, leave them in the comments.

Just a few teasers about what we  talked about:


This is not the right place for this comment, but Aaron Gray, force of nature that he is, does not have 16 Rebounds and 8 assists in 6 minutes, Check your data ;)
Will these be made available in an Audio-only format as well? As much as I enjoy looking at you guys, a podcast would be much more convenient.
Quirk: Aaron Gray must have 2 rebounds in 6 minutes ... which works out to 16 rebounds per 48 minutes. Assuming he kept it up.
awesome! keep up the great work

All of our numbers are per48, unless they are totals (e.g., "minutes per 48 minutes" would always be 48, so that makes no sense, so we just list total minutes, and wins_produced is a total number, whereas WP48 is the per48 version, etc).

So, yea, Gray has 2 rebounds and 1 assist in 6 minutes. Truly a force of nature!
By the way if anyone was curious, the 76ers have moved from 500 to 1 to win the division to 10 to 1 in vegas.
So... is there a spot I can post up with my throwing tomatoes?
Also, while it's great to have the long show, and I don't expect you to buy pro microphones, would it be possible to put a little time into audio post-production? Dre doesn't sound too bad, but Patrick sounds like he's yelling through a cup-string phone.
Yeah, I am too far from the mic and will try to do something about that.
excited to see more of these, enjoy the casual conversational analysis. audio isn't great as someone mentioned but i really enjoyed the show, thanks guys.
I'll fall on the sword for Patrick's mic, he asked if it was okay but since we didn't have a lot of time I said damn the torpedoes, let's start the show!

I've already got a list of upgrades to make on the technical side. The video and audio quality will get better, we'll add more camera angles, and also music, motion graphics, intro videos, and other cool stuff, so look for big improvements over in the coming weeks.

Also, get off my lawn Bill Simmons!
Just don't go all 2k on us and add in stupid unskip-able post-game interviews and after-action replays and all sorts of garbage.
Patrick, KuH, Right, obviously.

The audio-only versions will get uploaded here:

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