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The Top Ten Boxscores of the Week

Another week, another top ten boxscores! An amazing triple-double, a whole lotta Cavs, and Jokic is no joke!

Player Date Minutes PTS(TS%) TRB(ORB)| AST TOV STL BLK PF PoP
Draymond Green 2/10 38 4 (33.3%) 12 (0) 10 2 10 5 3 11.1
Kevin Love 2/6 42 39 (89.3%) 12 (4) 3 4 3 0 3 13.5
Kyle Korver 2/8 26 29 (116.6%) 5 (0) 0 1 0 0 2 12
Nikola Jokic 2/10 37 40 (79.4%) 9 (4) 5 2 2 0 2 11
LeBron James 2/6 42 32 (79.2%) 7 (0) 17 6 2 2 6 10.6
Rodney McGruder 2/6 39 15 (93.8%) 5 (4) 4 0 1 0 1 10.6
James Harden 2/11 29 40 (83.2%) 6 (1) 8 8 0 0 2 10.4
Blake Griffin 2/6 37 26 (64%) 11 (4) 11 2 1 0 3 7.3
Mindaugas Kuzminskas 2/8 20 4 (25%) 0 (0) 1 2 0 0 2 -11.6
Kyrie Irving 2/6 44 23 (43.9%) 1 (0) 5 3 1 0 3 -13

1. Draymond put up a triple-double without points in a win at Memphis! Amazing! What's even more incredible is Draymond put up five blocks too, just narrowly missing a five by five. Easily the most impressive boxscore of the week.

2. Kevin Love put up the best game of the week in a win at Washington. There's an odd symmetry in that we'll get to shortly. Great shooting and rebounding are Kevin's go to stats. Tack on three steals and normally this boxscore would have topped the list.

3. Is Kyle Korver finally finding his stride? In a win at Indiana, Korver shot lights out from three (8 for 9!) Five rebounds were just gravy. Is Korver going to be the final piece to keep the Cavs competitive? We'll see.

4. Who boy is Jokic amazing! He can shoot, he can pass. He's easily the best player from the 2014 draft. Here's hoping he keeps up this performance. I find it just extra great that he put up this in a win against the Knicks and Melo.

5. Another Cav makes the list. LeBron James has the most assists of the week in another stellar performance from a Cav on the sixth. His shooting was also great, and seven rebounds, two steals, and two blocks were nothing shabby.

6. Rodney McGruder gets the slot I normally reserve for the top rookie performance. Luckily, in a win against Minnesota, he didn't disappoint. While not the most flashy boxscore, it definitely hit all of our favorites - efficient scoring, good rebounding, and a great assist to turnover ratio.

7. James Harden helped the Rockets destroy a decimated Suns. He also makes the list because this was Jamison Tinsley's pick in the "Yeh Points Challenge." 15.96 net points is not too shabby!

8. I'm a sucker for triple-doubles! Of course, Russell Westbrook is slowly desensitizing me to them. Twenty-six points, eleven boards, and eleven assists are classic Blake Sadly it wasn't enough to help the Clippers take down the Raptors.

9. Sometimes I give the last two spots to the worst games of the night. While Mindaugas Kuzminskas wasn't quite the worst game of the week, he was amazingly bad per minute. In a mere twenty minutes of play, he put up a -11.6 Points over Par, which was easily enough to blame for the Knicks loss. Zero for five from three, a negative assist to turnover ratio, and no rebounds? Horrible game.

10. Kyrie Irving put up the worst game of the week in the same game that Kevin Love and LeBron James put up great games. Irving had more shots than points (24 shots, 23 points) and a pretty mediocre assist to turnover ratio. Luckily, the Cavs were top heavy enough to handle it.

That's our list! Did we miss someone? Are any players too high? Well don't worry, we'll be back next week with another one. If you see any box scores you think deserve consideration, leave them in the comments or tweet at myself (@nerdnumbers), Patrick (@nbageek), or Brian (@boxscorebrian) with hashtag #BSGTop10. Seeya next time!

Dre... never mind about the Facebook problem... I forgot that I signed in as "PunishmentX4" which is from the MadMen episode where the copywriter has to admit that he was a science fiction author on the side and he wrote "The Punishment of X4" lolol
I know this is an insane tangent but how bad is Cleveland's Team Defense?

This is from my spotty memory but after yet another 10-24 with 5 assists and 3 TOs I looked up Kyrie's numbers = .107. I mean I know he is over rated but .107? Using my WP rules of thumb(yea, I should know the formula) I went thru the numbers. He did not look that bad. I came up with a 1.6 POP. Then I slapped my head and said maybe team defense. I see a big drop off. I see a better offensive team this year but a much worse defensive team. This isn't a completely fair question because the increase and the decrease could be related but if Cleveland's defense was the same as last years what would Kyrie's POP be?

Nice game by Jokic vs the GSW. A triple-double with over 21 rebounds! And 6 of them offensive!

Given my Jokic love, it's gonna be real hard to pry that from the #1 spot for next week, especially as it's shortened due to the All-Star break.
Ok Dre, Jokic is #1 player of 2014 draft. Who is number 2? Capella, Embiid? How do you feel about the Plumlee trade? Nuggets have a lot of potential. Too bad they give so many minutes to their awful players.

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