Advanced Playoff Boxscores for 2014: The three-day weekend

Rejoice! The playoffs are here and we are here to breakdown the stats for the first four days of games.

Wait. Did that just happen? (Image courtesy of TNT)


2014 Playoff Contest: Round 1 entries

Last year we had just over 200 entries in the first round of our contest. This year we're up to over 250! Click through to get a graphical look at the crowd's Round 1 predictions.


Reminder: enter the BSG/WoW NBA Playoff Prediction Contest!

The contest closes in a few hours, so of course that means that it's time for a reminder! Over 140 people have entered the contest so far, and they don't want you to enter so they can have a better chance of winning. Learn 'em a thing or two by filling out the form!

If you click through, I also have a summary of last year's results...I might even have some graphs. Maybe. You'll have to click to find out.


The Boxscore Geeks Show: Playoffs!

Our show is also available in audio only form (Some call it a podcast!)


The 2014 NBA Playoff Primer

We break out the toolbox to give you our annual playoff blowout. The final answer looks eerily familiar.

(June 5, 2013. Source: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images North America)